The Italian writer Oriana Fallaci has died in her Florence.Although I found some of her expression too exaggerated and tended to disagree on some of her statements, I admired her so much for her courage in denouncing Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism.She has never feared to say what she thought. She stood up for her rights in saying what she thought. She was a target of the Islamic fascists. But she has never refrained from denouncing the dangers of multiculturalism and unassimilated immigration. She spoke directly to the consciences of the European rulers, who opted for silencing her by inventing show trials organized by notorious Islamic fundamentalists (for example, the Italian Adel Smith, a Muslim convert who adores Bin Laden and had thrown a crucifix outside a hospital’s window, other than offending Jesus Christ). I’m sure the Islamic fundamentalists are celebrating as they celebrated when the 9/11 atrocities occurred and as they celebrate when innocent civilians are killed by their  “militants”, a term invented by the mainstream media.Because they love death, as they themselves say. But let’s make it clear. Oriana might have died. But her ideas and mission, in different tones, however will always live and there will be new Orianas of course. Islamic fundamentalists and their European servants should be aware of that.

Rest in Peace, warrior Oriana. The absolute majority of Italians who admired you, is hoping now you’re in a better world.

Firenze, è morta Oriana Fallaci.Nonostante non ero d’accordo su certi toni che usava nelle sue invettive, l’ho ammirata tanto per il suo coraggio e la sua determinazione nel denunciare il terrorismo e fondamentalismo islamico. Non ha mai avuto paura di dire ciò che pensava. Ha difeso il suo sacro diritto alla libera espressione del pensiero,per questo era bersaglio delle minaccie dei fascisti islamici. Ma non ha mai smesso di avvertire dei pericoli del multiculturalismo e dell’immigrazione incontrollata e non integrata. Ha parlato direttamente alle coscienze dei governanti europei, che hanno scelto di zittirla, talvolta con processi sommari in tipico stile dittatoriale, uno dei quali organizzato ad arte dal demente Adel Smith, un esaltato convertito all’Islam per pura convenienza. Uno che aveva gettato con sprezzo il crocifisso dalla finestra di un’ospedale italiano, ed aveva insultato Gesù Cristo, che certo era un uomo di pace, diversamente da un Maometto guerriero che oggi verrebbe processato per pedofilia, per via delle sue relazioni sessuali con bimbe di 9 anni. Sono certa che i fondamentalisti islamici stanno festeggiando, come hanno festeggiato quando è successo l’11 settembre e come festeggiano quando ci sono massacri di ‘infedeli’. Perchè i fascisti islamici, ricordiamolo, amano la morte, come loro stessi dicono. Ma mettiamo in chiaro una cosa: Oriana è morta, ma la sua missione, con toni che possono essere meno pesanti o più pesanti, certamente continuerà.Ci saranno nuove Oriane. Su questo i fascisti islamici è meglio che si mettano l’anima in pace.

Riposa in pace, Oriana, se c’è davvero un Dio, sono sicura che ora siedi vicino a lui.

12 Responses to ORIANA

  1. Arrivederci, Fallaci, Fare Thee Well

    They called her aggressive, abrasive — racist, even. Her mind was the fierce, gifted offspring of a most felicitous marriage of reason and emotion: each book an assault on the citadel of postmodern European presumption, each sentence a cavalry charge.

  2. […] (Very loosely translated: Your words will live on through the rage and the pride that you have shown us/given us. This blog is dedicated to you today.) Stefania at Free Thoughts writes: Oriana might have died. But her ideas and mission, in different tones, however will always live and there will be new Orianas of course. Islamic fundamentalists and their European servants should be aware of that. Rest in Peace, warrior Oriana. The absolute majority of Italians who admired you, is hoping now you’re in a better world. […]

  3. M. in Boston says:

    I first came to know the work of Oriana Fallaci through her Vietnam memoir, “Niente, e cosi sia”, which I found at random while shelving books as a work-study student in my university library. I leafed through it, then took it home to read it non-stop – and have admired her writing ever since. In a way, Oriana was our Cassandra, in the classical sense, not the colloquialism. She didn’t want to be right about the threat, but she was, and there is no denying events have proved her right. Wishing her peace and rest.

    I liked your remembrance of her, and thank you for it.


  4. […] And don’t miss this moving tribute from Stefania in Italy on Oriana here. […]

  5. CatoRenasci says:

    Oriana Fallaci! May her name ever be heard whenever the heros of Italy are named. My greatgrandfather fought with Garibaldi, and his cousin is one of the martyrs of 1848 named on the column in Milano, but they pale in comparison to Oriana’s courage.

  6. Stefania says:

    Thanks all for your tribute!

  7. […] Blogs and news stories covering Fallaci: The Belmont Club; Wretchard’s personal memory Fausta, who also covers O’ Donnell, here Aussiejim at Tim Blair Dinocrat Stefania at Free Thoughts City Lights Bookstore calls Fallaci a fascist Varadarajan in the WSJ Rod Dreher My Secret Prayer […]

  8. It is really sad to know that denouncing Islamic terrorism is seen as courage!!

  9. Myrtus says:

    She was very brave indeed! May she rest in peace.

  10. emil says:

    We need to defeat Islam once and for all. This murderous, lying, mischievious, dignity obliterating creed has to be uprooted at any cost. Otherwise, humanity is in mortal danger. Oriana’s quest for dignity and freedom will never be forgotten.

  11. BilbaoPundit says:

    De cómo se ríen de nosotros

    Las reacción en cadena tras el más que moderado discurso en la universidad de Ratisbona de Benedicto XVI vuelve a plantear la actualidad  -por más que no resulte agradable a los oídos-, del "choque de civilizaciones" (que otros pref…

  12. freethoughts says:

    Mechanical Crowds: yes, it’s sad and Magdi Allam said the same thing.

    Myrtus, thanks for your comment. Although I disagreed with some tones she used and the fact that she considered all the Muslims bad, I found her courage not to be silenced and to warn about the dangers of multiculturalism a source of inspiration-


    I don’t agree that we need to defeat islam. Although I consider Islam as a totalitarian ideology rather than a religion, I think that Islam is here to stay and all we need to do is to strenghten those liberal Muslims who are hiding and who are needed in order for the Muslim world to have its own Enlightment.

    I agree 100% with your last sentence, though.

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