Al Qaeda appears to be preparing a large-scale terrorist attack on Israeli and UNIFIL forces in South Lebanon. Too much for claims by the Italian gov’t that by not joining the war on terror we are safe. Here it is about understanding the nature of the Jihadist ideology. Here’s what Italian defense minister says: Parisi said he was not surprised by al Qaeda’s message and warned the soldiers their mission could be “long, risky, costly and difficult.” But we are here, he said, to defend the security of Israel and strengthen Lebanon’s ability to control its territory. “We know the terrorists are not on our side.”. That is pure hypocrisy. When Berlusconi decided to join the war on terror by participating to the Iraqi war, the Left complained that he should have avoided it because of the risks. Now, the Left that is in power, does the same thing: it sends troops even though terrorists threaten to blow them up. Imagine if it was Berlusconi who took this decision…

Al Qaeda starebbe preparando attentati contro i caschi blu dell’Onu in Libano. Tra cui anche quelli italiani. Ma io ministro della difesa del governo di sinistra dice che non fa niente, la missione si fa lo stesso. Ipocrisia allo stato puro.

Most of the news i post usually don’t surprise me, but this one does. Amnesty accuses Hezbollah of war crimes against Israelis. And the Hizballah is surprised, too.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, governor of Dubai, sued for enslaving 30 thousand children

Tribute to Oriana Fallaci. Babalù ; Michelle Malkin Gateway Pundit Little Green Footballs ; Jeremayakova. As for the other tributes, check the comments at my Oriana Fallaci post below.

Islamists all over the world seethe  and whine over Pope’s remarks on Islam. Remarks any rational person, even a rational muslim, find normal.

Ci hanno rotto i maroni. Si offendono per tutto. E noi, se non siamo fessi, non dobbiamo chiedere scusa. Perchè loro di crimini anti-cristiani ne commettono ogni giorno. La differenza è che noi critichiamo, loro invece uccidono.Ecco le foto degli scontri avvenuti in alcuni paesi islamici ad opera dei soliti fascisti islamici qui e qui.

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  1. Matt says:

    Hmm…Al-Qaeda, Hizb Allah, or whomever planning to attack UNIFIL should be expected. My guess is the reason the Italian Defense Minister is saying that is because he doesn’t want to appear weak. The problem with the Israeli military, as well as ours, is that we try our best not to target civilians. Hizb Allah’s claims of Israeli attacks against Lebanese civilians are unfounded. Militaries (I mean those that actually belong to recognized international states, not crazy groups of lunatics i.e. Hizb Allah) try their best to avoid attacking civilians because civies are innocent. However, when people (like Hizb Allah) use those civilians as shields and set them up to be attacked, bad stuff happens. What amazes me is Hizb Allah’s claim of self-defense. They’re the ones that started the war. Israel had withdrawn from Lebanon and everything was peachy. Then, Hizb Allah goes across an international border, kidnaps two soldiers, and expects nothing to happen??? I really don’t know what to make of the Muslim complaints about the Pope beyond the fact of, “Hey. The Catholic Church has tried to make up as best as it can for its wrongful transgressions over the years. Nobody likes being told when they screwed up. You guys need to realize what you did was wrong and make ammends for what you did, like the Church did.”

  2. freethoughts says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Thanks for speaking truth to power 🙂

  3. Mister Ghost says:

    Dear Stephania,
    I tried to put together the largest Oriana Fallaci tribute in the Blogosphere:

    Remembering Oriana Fallaci – The Largest Tribute In The Blogosphere

    I hope you could check it out or link to it. You’re in it.

    i wonder if the Islamo-fascist types will desecrate her tomb. That’s what came to my mind after reading about her burial.

  4. freethoughts says:

    Mister, thanks so much. I will link to it.

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