After 12 years of leftist hegemony, center-right wins in Sweden.

C’è aria di destra in Europa. Dopo 12 anni di egemonia sinistra, in Svezia ha vinto il centro-destra.

Security around pope beefed up

Italian nun killed by Somali Taliban .When an apology for this crime, Islamists?

Are you ready for a list of insanities? Here it is and it further explains why the Muslim world is still far behind the 21st century. Somali cleric calls for pope’s deathAttacks threatened over Pope’s words . The Communist Atheists also joined the insanity! More photos of the madness here.The remarks that drew the ire of the Islamist crusaders are: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”. This is not blasphemy, Islamists. This is history. Whoever reads the Koran and the Hadhits (Muhammad’s sayings) can verify by him/herself that Islam was spread by the sword. Yes, Christianity was also spread by violence. But it couldn’t have found any justification in the Gospel. I’m an atheist, but I think it’s fair to say that unlike Jesus, Mohammad was a warrior. Then, he stated: Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul. “God”, he says, “is not pleased by blood – and not acting reasonably is contrary to God’s nature. If this is also what made the Islamists angry, their reactions to it of course doesn’t prove what they want us to believe. Yes, violence in the name of God is against God. This is not blasphemy. This is a matter of fact.The Islamic world needs its Enlightenment. There’s no alternative to the reform of Islam. No alternative to grant women their full and equal rights and freedoms.No alternative to opening Islam to criticism. Oh yes, there’s an alternative and that is continuing to live in the Dark Ages.

The Pope ‘regrets’ but he did not apologize. And that’s good.

Indian columnist: Pope is right on Islam

Magdi Allam: La verità della storia

From the Taliban state of Somalia: Convert from Islam to Christianity killed. When an apology for this crime?

Ex-mussulmano convertito al cristianesimo ucciso in Somalia. Ecco com’è pacifico l’Islam. Ovviamente, nessuno dei perbenisti nostrani oserà pretendere le scuse per i crimini anti-cristiani che ogni ora avvengono nei paesi islamici.

Al-Qaida cell targeted Oslo synagogue

More proof of Saddam-Al Qaeda connection. A 1999 article on CNN’s website writes of Bin Laden getting political asylum in Saddam’s Iraq. The leftists and Murtha likes have a very short memory.

Ulteriori prove che dimostrano che Saddam Hussein era alleato di Al Qaeda. Ho trovato questo articolo tratto dal sito della CNN, datato 1999, nel quale si scriveva che Bin Laden aveva trovato rifugio nell’Iraq di Saddam. Noi filo-americani ci sbagliamo poco.

Video of Oriana’s coffin going to the cemetery in Florence. Her family said those who now mourn her are the very same who have always attacked her.For those who can’t watch the video,here are photos of the coffin going to the cemetery. She has been buried near an anti-fascist Greek fighter.

Magdi Allam: Il destino alleato

Bad news for the Italian gov’t. The latest poll in Italy shows 53% in favor of the center-right opposition. People calls on Berlusconi to be more active against the gov’t. So far, it seems he is not, but I hope he will be. Poll in Italian, here. The American Thinker reports about that, too.

Centro-destra in vantaggio di 5 punti percentuali sul governo di sinistra.

Analysis: Milking the Dry Cow: The Present Politics of Italy

Benedetto Della Vedova: Da Prodi sadico sberleffo a dissidenti e vittime del regime cinese

Talibizing Somalia. Islamism seizes another state

Beijing’s censorship.In recent years, China’s struggle to keep its authoritarian control of information has met a formidable challenger in an increasingly bold online culture that Beijing has found difficult to restrain.

Cubans sing to hide escape from Mexico.

Wenceslao Cruz Blanco, Corresponsal en España de Misceláneas de Cuba: La Fatwa Contra el Papa Benedicto XVI

From Medicina Cubana: Increase in hepatitis cases reported in Havana

Medicina Cubana, whose author is a Cuban doctor who fled Cuba a few years ago and found political asylum in Forth Worth, United States, also wrote a tribute.

Por Ellos, Por la Oposicion, Por el Pueblo de Cuba: Manifestaciones Internacionales Para Rechazar la Sucesión monarquica


Opositora Pacífica Denuncia Plan de Fabricación de Delito Contra su Persona

Acto de Repudio a Esposa de Preso Político

Arrestan a periodista Independiente Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia en La Habana

Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia

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  1. […] Stefania at Free Thoughts has scoured the Italian press for photos and videos and has lots of links to them in this post here. A.M. Mora y Leon @ 6:17 am | […]

  2. Force to the Pope! Finnaly, a man who are, more than a preacher, but also a LEADER – Benedict XVI just said the crude truth, only revealing the tip of the iceberg about “Mo, the Pedophile”

    and remembering: NO true religion has the right to make a war – and NO WAR IS HOLY – as the magnificent Bill O’Reilly told on Fox News
    interviewing a muslim woman, about violence that commanded Islam expansion: “I know, it, you know it, everybody knows.”

    He said “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it’s a DUCK”!


    …and I want see (and we’re seeing) that psicho mad dogs DISCREDITED, caught in self-contradiction: thrown fire bombs in Gaza churchs, killed a nun in Somalia, menace attack Vaticano and trying kill the Pope – why? – because they didn’t like hearing their religion is ‘evil and violent’…

    Pathological muslins are so sick and scurvy, they’re pathetic…

    7 churches as of this morning, one nun killed, the Pope apologizes for the REACTION to his comments, NOT his comments. Stand firm pope.

    You can contact the Pope/Vatican with your support here

    the complete anti-IslamaNazi files

  3. no2liberals says:

    First, I would like to say to Oriana Fallaci’s family, my deepest sympathies for your loss, and for the loss of a brave woman, that stood for righteous principles. God Bless you Ms. Fallaci, your struggle is over, and may you rest in peace.
    Secondly, I’m not a Catholic, but have always revered the Pope as a learned, scholarly figure, that is devoted to his faith. Pope Benedict has shown that, not only is he a scholarly man, but that he is indeed a wise leader of the church, and of humanity. The irony of the muslim reaction to his lecture last week, is too rich to be believed. It appears islam is now that which cannot be spoken…or they will chop your head off.
    Thirdly, I am so proud of the awakening of the Swedish people in electing a government that will represent them, in changing the Swedish state from being one of welfare, to prosperity. I heard a Swedish gentlemen on our talk radio saying that 37% of all jobs in Sweden are government jobs. How can an economy grow, and a society be motivated to produce, if the majority of their hard earned money is taxed? Good for you Sweden, and may your reforms be swift and productive.

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