The Return of Hitlerjugend.A new Third Reich is on the rise

Allah’s Socialists .European politicians welcome radical Islamists with open arms.

Shameful speech by Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez to the UN General Assembly.

Gazan Muslims Form Group to Attack Christian Targets

A Gaza, i mussulmani si raggruppano per attaccare i cristiani

The Pope, Jihad and “Dialogue.Who really should be apologizing?

Magdi Allam: Le vignette dell’odio contro Ratzinger

In a post titled “Religion of peace? Really?”, Moroccan blogger Myrtus has a link to an article of an Arab coming to the Pope’s defense.

Magdi Allam: Jihad della parola, la nuova arma del terrore

Italian clownish PM Romano Prodi is eager to sell arms to China and support it against the democratic island-state Taiwan.And the Chinese regime is happy..

Elham Manea: Take Off the Veil, Sister. Arabic version here

Elham Manea, femminista mussulmana laica: Toglietevi il velo, sorelle! Liberatevi!


Moderate Muslim Journalist to be tried for “Sedition” in Bangladesh

Da Il Giornale: «Ma siamo solo noi musulmani a insultare sempre la Croce»

Human Rights First Welcomes President Bush’s Focus on Darfur

Shaykh Abdul Hadi Palazzi: Oriana Fallaci: in memoriam. Il leader dei musulmani moderati d’Italia commemora l’unica scrittrice italiana che abbia tenuto testa al fanatismo

How Syria Stifles Dissent.Syrian security forces harass and threaten reformer.

Adriana Bolchini: Cristiani a rischio in terra musulmana

Muslims from Israel bring fresh views to Hub

Crowd heeds dissidents’ cry.Members of Cuban exile organizations and their families packed the sidewalks of Calle Ocho to call for noncooperation with Castro’s regime


Wenceslao Cruz Blanco, Corresponsal en España de Misceláneas de Cuba: Castro, Chávez y Ahmadineyad, los Cartógrafos de la Destrucción

From Cuba, message of the Liberal Party of Cuba: Message of Congratulations to the Alliance for Sweden

Messages sent by our friend Doctor Darsi Ferrer from Havana,about the Dengue Fever that, since April,is killing hundreds of Cubans while the regime covers up the real number of victims, which is very high and growing.The photos show the lack of medical assistance to the population and the places where hygiene is lacking and is one of the causes for the spread of the disease.The report is in Spanish.

Darsi Ferrer: Inaceptables: Epidemias y Consecuencias

Detienen Arbitrariamente a Líder Sindical Independiente

Cuba: International Religious Freedom Report 2006.

Detenido Joven Opositor Por Provocaciones de Vecinos

Participan Liberales en Misa por la Patrona de Cuba

Felicitaciones a Liberales Suecos por parte de Laura Pollán, Esposa del Prisionero de Conciencia Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez, y Dama de Blanco

2 Responses to

  1. Mad Minerva says:

    I did not know Prodi wanted to sell arms to China. How terrible…and, in the end, how stupid. Of course, is not Prodi linked with the Communists in Italy?

    I am a little optimistic, though, since I don’t think the Prodi government will last for very long.

  2. freethoughts says:

    I hope so, Mad Minerva

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