For what it is worth: Bin Laden might have gone to meet Satan.But maybe he hasn’t yet: Report of bin Laden death unconfirmed: France, Pakistan, US

And another big fish has been captured in Iraq

Islamists all over the world everyday show us the Pope was right.Pakistani Muslim cleric says Pope should be crucified

Religione di pace e tolleranza. Imam pachistano dice che il Papa dovrebbe essere crocifisso.

José Maria Aznar: Aznar, ‘Muslims have never apologised for Spanish invasion’

Claudia Rosett : About That Mercedes? Kofi takes us all for a ride

Syrian puppet Lebanese “president” Emile Lahoud exhibits fake Green Helmet Guy photo during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly,taking advantage of the fact that most of the audience ignores the truth behind that photo.

U.N.’s “peacekeeping” mission in Lebanon in photos:

Brussels Journal: Is Islam Dying? Europe Certainly Is

From the Iraqi Bloggers Central: Remembering Oriana Fallaci – The Largest Tribute In The Blogosphere

The Islamic world adds another crime to the very long list of crimes committed against Christians sooner or later they will have to apologize for. Three Indonesian Catholics executed by firing squad

L’Islam ha fucilato 3 cristiani. Fucilati i tre cattolici indonesiani

Fareeda’s fate: rape, prison and 25 lashes.Up to 80 per cent of women in Pakistan’s jails are charged under rules that penalise rape victims. But hardliners have vetoed an end to the Islamic laws

UK: Six Year Old Girl Burned To Death For Muslim “Honor”


Appello di Italian Blogs for Darfur (di cui faccio parte) pubblicato su La Stampa

The UN Slams the Door on Taiwan.Red China prevents its democratic, capitalist neighbor from rejoining the world body – for the 14th straight year.

The Unholy Alliance: Hezbollah adopts Chavez as hero

El Diablo

Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Miami Herald thinks it’s corrupt to undermine Castro’s censorship

Ramon Humberto Colas: Hitler y Castro

Cuban independent journalist and member of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option, Oscar Sánchez Mádam, sent a letter to the popular Cuban-American salsa singer Willy Chirino.In the letter, Oscar tells Willy that  when he was detained last week, he was confiscated, by the political police, some CD of Willy’s music, that were called “subversive” and “enemy propaganda” by the Castroite authorities.Oscar calls on Willy to help him spread the word.

Oscar Sánchez Mádam

Willy Chirino, and his wife, the Cuban-born baladist singer Lissette

Denuncia Berta Soler Hostigamiento a Su Esposo Ángel Moya

Testimony of prisoner of conscience, Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, from the Prison of Combinado del Este in Havana, Cuba: “THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT HAS TORTURED ME DURING EIGHT YEARS…TRYING TO DRIVE ME INSANE…”

From Glamour Magazine: The women who dare defy a dictator – In Cuba, people have gone to prison for speaking out. Mariane Pearl travels there and finds that the country’s boldest activists are women—and they make their point without saying a word.

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  1. Matt says:

    I doubt bin Laden’s dead. Like they’ve said previously (and what I read in another report), they’d (al-Qaeda) say if he did die. I hope he’s not dead so we can capture him and bring him here for trial, which would be infinitely better than killing him using our (US) troops. We’d be able to send a powerful message to al-Qaeda by doing that. It’s always nice when we get the bad guys (i.e. Ansar-Al Sunnah’s leader). It’s just too bad that the media hasn’t covered that yet, at least from what I’ve seen. With regards to the Muslims protesting over the Pope, talk is cheap. If when the Pope goes to Turkey and is killed by Islamists, that’ll be their end. They will have fulfilled what Benedict XVI was quoting in the text and shown the world their true face. I can’t stand Green Helmet. I wish he’d disappear. That Pakistani girl being flogged for being raped shows the contradictions in Pakistan’s legal system, as well as Iran’s, as well as anywhere that has a Sharia law as basis for its law. I hope Chavez is elected out of office in December, but I’m not optimistic about that prospect in the least. Venezuela is going down, hard. I just look at that PowerPoint you posted a while back on Publius Pundit about Caracas before and after and think to myself, “How could he destroy such a great-looking, vibrant country?”

  2. freethoughts says:

    Matt, I like your commentaries. And I agree with them.Just so you know, I’m planning to seriously move to the US to work.If Venezuela is going down hard, Italy is no better.

    And I’m talking mainly about the job market.

    If you want, we can speak about that via e-mail.

    Take care.

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