The U.N. ‘peacekeepers’ seem to have no problem with those who want to kill Jews and destroy Israel. Their mission is to prevent Israel from defending itself and protect Hizballah. Little No pressure on Hezbollah to disarm

Islamist apologists in the West continue to rebuke the ‘Islamophobes’ (read, opponents of Islamic fanatism) for not ‘reaching out’ the Muslim world. The truth they should understand is that it’s the Islamists who don’t want dialogue and who respond to naive offers of dialogue by calling for violence and blackmail. Gaza’s sheik: ‘Only dialogue we want is when all religions agree to convert to Islam’

Gli apologeti dell’Islamismo in Occidente continuano a rimproverare noi ‘islamofobi’ (termine con il quale chiamano chi si oppone al fondamentalismo) per i nostri dubbi circa l’inutilità del dialogo con l’Islam, dimenticando che sono gli islamisti quelli che non vogliono saperne di dialogo e che ad esso rispondono con minacce e ricatti assurdi. Come fa uno sceicco di Gaza, che afferma che il dialogo sarà possibile solo quando ci si convertirà all’Islam.

Merkel warns against bowing to fear of Muslim violence

From Terror Finance Blog: Tariq Ramadan new links to terror . Dhimmi Watch has a brilliant piece, mentioning in it the great Magdi Allam: Keep Tariq Ramadan out

Islamic foreign ministers press pope to apologize. Better for them to realize that the Pope has no intention to apologize for calling to end violence in the name of religion.

From MEMRI TV:  Egyptian cleric urges to kill Israelis visiting Egypt. But the interviewer, writing for Al Qahira (Cairo) newspaper rejected this madness

The Dutch OK apartheid, Holland’s ghettoization continues: First Islamic Hospital In The Netherlands

Somalian Taliban seized a port city where they thought to be welcomed by a cheering crowd, but they are facing an angry population who refuses to live under a Sharia state. “We don’t want the Islamic courts!” the demonstrators yelled

As I stated several times in this blog, Islamists feel a deep hatred toward the women, except when the latter serve to satisfy their  sexual needs and when the man wants a child. A radical Islamic parasite wants three more wives with the intention of fathering more than nine children


Jaime Leygonier, Cuban independent journalist, writes about the lies told by the regime about the real situation of many Cuban cities affected by the Dengue Fever, caused by the mosquitos and the lack of hygiene in the streets of the country, that is killing hundreds of people. The piece is titled “State Lies” and compares the cover up of the disease by the regime to the previous episodes of epidemies that hit Cuba since 1960, when the regime had lied big time about the real numbers of victims (hundreds, including children). The communists say the disease ‘has been defeated’, while the reality on the ground is that people continues to die and many more are hospitalized and put in quarantine. The independent journalist rebukes those foreign fools who still believe in the ‘Cuban revolution’s successes’.The article is a must-read, although it’s only in Spanish.Jaime Legonier, Periodista Independiente: Mentiras de Estado

Medicina Cubana: La Higiene en la Ciudad de la Habana

Periodista independiente: Hospital General “V. I Lenin”: Como un hospital de guerra

3 Responses to

  1. freethoughts says:

    Dacia Valent is a known Somalian anti-semite who, in her blog, calls the Jews “dirty animals” and applauded the killing of Theo Van Gogh.

    Among her many targets is me, and she tried to blackmail me by badmouthing me. She even called me at home, but she has not got what she wanted.

    She hates Magdi Allam and Hirsi Ali. She defends genital mutilation and the Taliban regime in Somalia.
    Yet, she does not wear thr veil and she is known for being alcholist.
    The Islamic Anti-Defamation League threatened lawsuits everywhere, included to me, but these have never reached the targets.

    Many say it does not exist but its supposed members would have us to believe it does, just to intimidate. I don’t take their threats seriously anymore, they’re just clowns.

  2. Lisette says:

    As a Dutch citizen by birth (not by fraud like Ayaan Hirsi Ali) these covert agents of destruction kept their foot in my mouth because as a woman and mother (from their former colony) I didn’t have the right to my autonomy (ones a slave always a slave) my life needed to be governed by their Marxist hogwash. But see here another example of how they turn backwards to the dark ages to accommodate the Muslims who will slash their throats if they dare say something wrong about Islam and Mohammed the perverted potentate. The ‘mighty’ secular West is trampling the lives of the defenseless and worships those who they fear. Talking about cowardice……(sic).

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