Pakistani Islamist group issues fatwa to kill Pope

Gruppo fondamentalista pachistano emette una fatwa per uccidere il Papa

I predict a new wave of riots over this: Norwegian Broadcaster Will Show Muhammed Cartoons In a Documentary . Time will tell if I am right. Of course, I hope I won’t be, but I very much doubt it.

TV norvegese trasmetterà le vignette danesi raffiguranti maometto, l’inventore dell’islam. Prevedo una nuova ondata di violenta isteria islamica.

The latest conspiracy theory: “Danish Queen Masterminded Muhammad Cartoon Affair”

The Philosopher and the Fatwa.The jihadist attempt to silence the West continues

Italian authorities crack terrorist cell

Bassam Tibi: “Europeans Have Stopped Defending Their Values”

Palestinian civil war  in photos

From the Counter-terrorism blog: Tariq Ramadan Continues His Deception Despite Evidence

Moderate Muslims urged to speak out

Canadian author Irshad Manji

Another ‘honor’ killing, in Norway: Three sisters shot and killed

Amil Imani: The Islam Conundrum

Wall Street Journal: Last chance for Darfurians?

Statement of Violation of Human Rights against Cuban activists

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  1. LISISTRATA says:

    un caro saluto, sono tornata ma sono ancora presissima, appena possibile ti chiamo. Un ciao e un grosso beso

  2. freethoughts says:

    Ciao Adriana, bentornata. Anche io sono presissima. Proprio ora sto scrivendo un’articolo per un settimanale americano.

    ci sentiamo.

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