The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, an umbrella organization gathering over 300 Cuban opposition movements that fight peacefully for democratic and  regime change in the island, is planning  a meeting of the independent libraries. They will inform the population about the goals of the civil desobedience and non-cooperation campaign named “Yo no coopero, yo si quiero el cambio” (I don’t cooperate with the repressive authorities, I want the change). The official motto will be “We are gathering for democracy”. Banned books, reviews, leaflets will be distribuited to the neighbors of the libraries where the meetings will take place and there will be special events with youths and children. Report in Spanish here.

Anuncia el ejecutivo de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil estrategia para reunión de bibliotecas independientes

Recent activity for children at one of the many independent libraries

More about the “I don’t cooperate with the dictatorship, I want the change” campaign here, in Spanish.

Más sobre la campaña Yo No Coopero, Yo Si Quiero El Cambio

Many political prisoners are publicly endorsing this campaign from their prisons

Demonstrations in favor of the campaign

Miami, Florida

Hialeah, Florida

Milan, Italy. Cubans and Italians

Our friend Joel Rodriguez Riveron

My post at Publius Pundit is here

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