Pope Rage on board of a plane: Hijacked Turkish plane lands in Italy .Turkish Airlines plane carrying more than 100 passengers hijacked Tuesday to protest planned visit of the pope to Turkey next month. More updates say they were not inspired by Pope-Rage.Who should we believe to?

New Website Incites Electronic Jihad.The question now is: will the anti-terrorism authorities act to shut down these terror websites?

UK’s very big problem: Jailed terrorists allowed to buy jihad books

In Gran Bretagna, i terroristi in prigione potranno liberamente comprarsi i libri inneggianti alla jihad. Io non ho mai creduto che gli inglesi vogliano davvero combattere il terrorismo. Anzi, sono convinta del contrario.

Islamists seethe over comments by Merkel aide. These are the ‘outrageous’ comments: “It is certainly painful for many Muslims to witness their religion being exploited for violence” . “The problem of religiously-motivated violence today is almost exclusively a problem of Islam”

The New Face of Canada .With Stephen Harper at the helm, Canada defends Israel and supports the War on Terror.

From Moroccan blogger Myrtus: Dutch Apartheid continues to get out of hand

Pope opts for meeting with terrorists and murderers. Pope to meet Khatami

Da Il Giulivo:

Good news: Herald publisher will resign. The three fired journalists to return

A group of Cubans who landed on pilings along a nearly 3-mile span of the former bridge on Jan. 4 when their boat reached an abandoned bridge in the Florida Keys, are seen walking toward the Refugee Office of the U.S. Interests mission in Havana, Cuba, Monday, Oct. 2, 2006. A federal judge ruled that the U.S. government acted unreasonably when it sent home 15 Cubans who thought they had safely made it to the United States. U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno ordered the federal officials to ‘use their best efforts’ to help the immigrants return to the United States but they are still awaiting permission from the Cuban regime  to leave the country.

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