Once again, arab leaders prove they are nothing but blood-thirsty warmongers and the main cause for the region’s ills. Assad: Syrian military preparing for war with Israel

Denmark sends message to islamists: we won’t surrender on free speech. Danish TV shows Mohammed cartoons . And Islamists are already seething and whining

La Danimarca lancia un messaggio forte e chiaro agli islamisti: non ci faremo intimidire. La TV danese mostra disegni raffiguranti maometto fatti dai giovani del partito popolare danese. Ed i fondamentalisti islamici stanno già minacciando.

Former British appeasing dhimmi foreign secretary sparks outrage among Islamists for his remarks on the hijad, the Muslim veil. But I still consider him an hypocryte. When he was foreign secretary, he danced to every tune the Mullahs of Iran played for him. He opposed democratic regime change in Iran and said no word about the gender apartheid and anti-woman policies in Iran.

Tiny Minority of Extremists: Poll: 61% of Palestinians support terror

Brussels Journal: Civil War in Europe – Hardly Mentioned in the Press

Mozart opera reinstated at Berlin opera house

Toni Capuozzo: Hezbollah fa arrivare camion di missili, Unifil osserva

Jewish community fears rising anti-Semitism in Britain

Anger in Holland over ‘apartheid’ Islamic hospital

Youssef Ibrahim: Europe Is Growing Skeptical Of Dialogue With Muslims

L’Europa pare stia cominciando a svegliarsi ed a rendersi conto che il dialogo con l’Islam è impossibile, semplicemente perchè alla richiesta di dialogo l’Islam risponde con la violenza, l’intimidazione ed il ricatto.

The maverick Syrian-born secularist and feminist Wafa Sultan spoke on Danish TV about Islam and the cartoon jihad.

The brilliant Moroccan blogger Myrtus alerted about a new art exhibition by Amir Normandi, an Iranian artist whose exhibit on women’s condition in Islam sparked outcry by Islamists. Read her post here and spread the word. Say no to censorship.

Egyptian Reformist bravely speaks out against Muslim Brotherhood

People’s Cube blog: Mark Foley Falls Victim To Fitter Species

From Toasted Bread, an appalling yet unsurprising report: Death penalty buses in China

Chavez’s death squads murdered miners by using Russian helicopters. Venezuelans are furious and rightly so.

“Down with the murderers”

Francis Rodriguez, concubine of one miner. She said that the army has taken control of another mining area know as El Colorado and is threatening to burn those who refuse to abandon the mine. ¨They (the military) are nothing but a bunch of assassins and thieves. Those helicopters and weapons that Chavez got are used against us, to kill our men¨ she concluded.

This week is the anniversary of the elimination of one of the most brutal terrorists and mercenaries of last century.

Cuban dissident and ex-political prisoner exposes Castro’s regime at the UN Human Rights Council

Mother arrested after complaining at pharmacy.María Rosales was arrested, held for 24 hours, and fined 400 pesos after protesting at a pharmacy that couldn’t supply the insulin her 6-year-old daughter needs to treat her diabetes.

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