As predicted, the North Korean Stalinist mass murderer Kim Jong Il conducted a nuke test, further evidence of the fact that he is a horrific war-mongering monster, whose people is dying from hunger every single day or being killed in the concentration camps, gas chambers or crucified. One Free Korea has a post with updates on the nuclear test. And there are reports from intelligence sources claiming that a second test may be imminent.

Cartoon Rage II Update. The Organization of the Islamic (totalitarian) States seethes. Dan Riehl has some of the new drawings in exclusive.

Magdi Allam: La jihad dei taglialingua

Exclusive! Byzantine Emperor Apologizes to Muslims For Quote

Washington Times: A bizarre political alliance .Jewish group and attack Senator Rick Santorum.

Amir Abbas Fakravar, an Iranian dissident or an opportunist? Has Washington found its Iranian Chalabi? . Just a few excerpts:  Fakhravar may be a false messiah. In interviews with more than a dozen Iranian opposition figures,a different picture emerged—one of an opportunist being pushed to the fore by Iran hawks, a reputed jailhouse snitch who was locked up for nonpolitical offenses but reinvented himself as a student activist and political prisoner once behind bars. involved a regular flight from Iran to Dubai. Iranian journalists and former fellow inmates also claim Fakhravar was never a political prisoner to begin with, but was locked up for a nonpolitical crime. “Student circles and journalistic circles don’t recognize him as a student leader,” . opportunistically tried to get close to the center of power and get famous that way. He was never part of the student movement.”. “It’s impossible for a political prisoner to have a phone,” . he was an antenna for the security of the prison and for the security services,” . He has been working for the police,”. “In prison, everybody knows that.” . Fakhravar got the phone by paying bribes. The people he claims as his allies back in Iran, however, seem less than eager to embrace him. Ahmad Batebi, has distanced himself from him on his blog.Akbar Mohammadi  recently died on a hunger strike in Evin prison. When I tracked down his sister, Nasrin, she emailed me that Fakhravar and her brother were “not very close.” Fakhravar, she wrote, “is a young man seeking for fame.” . In the recent past, some naive Washington-based circle supported very controversial figures such as the clowns Akbar Ganji (the “ex” Pasdaran, self-proclaimed “dissident”, but in reality still a secret supporter of the Islamic regime) and Mohsen Sazgara (also an “ex” Pasdaran, same like Mr. Ganji). There are many reliable sources indicating that Fakravar has never been a real political prisoner. His privileges in prison and when he left Iran, make it impossible to call him a “persecuted”. Real political prisoners have been killed by the regime’s prison guards ( like Akbar Mohammadi) or  are denied basic services such as telephone and are continuously tortured. If they tried to escape from Iran, they would get caught and killed. Far from being a real ‘dissident’, Fakravar might be promoting taqiyya in the United States, by painting himself as a reliable opposition figure, but in reality being a supporter of the so-called “reformists” a la Mohammad Khatami. The naive individuals promoting such a figure should be beware of regime’s tools dressed as ‘dissidents’.

Che Guevara: 39 Years of Idolatry.The Left’s favorite monster.

Urgente!!! Ataque fascista contra dirigentes del Partido Democrático 30 de Noviembre “Frank Pais” en Cuba

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