More evidence pointing to the fact that UNIFIL ‘peacekeepers’ are in Lebanon against Israel: French UNIFIL commanders say they’ll shoot at Israeli overflights of Lebanon

Ulteriori prove che dimostranoche i caschi blu dell’Onu sono in Libano contro Israele. I francesi dicono di essere pronti a sparare agli aerei israeliani che sorvolano il Libano.

Italy’s minority govt (all recent polls shows it losing support, even from its own voters) makes it abundantly clear that its presence in Lebanon is for anti-Israel purposes: Italy to help Lebanese Hezbollah army attack Israeli airplanes watching out terrorists’ moves

Debka scrive che l’Italia sarebbe pronta ad aiutare l’esercito libanese (gran parte formato da sostenitori degli Hezbollah) con missili da lanciare contro aerei israeliani che sorvolano il sud del Libano per monitorare i movimenti dei terroristi. Se mai dovesse capitare che qualche missile italiano colpisce un aereo israeliano, spero che Israele risponda al fuoco con maggior forza.

Nothing new here: New J’lem Mufti endorses suicide bombers

Ecco cosa si predica nelle moschee in Italia: «In dieci anni convertiremo l’Italia all’islam»

Taliban kidnappers of pro-Taliban Italian journalist demand return of Afghan convert (from Islam to Christianity) Abdul Rahman to Afghanistan in exchange for the journalist. UPDATE:  Being aware that Abdul Rahman won’t be repatriated in Afghanistan to be murdered, the Taliban opt for what they know Mr. Prodi could agree: immediate withdrawal of Italian troops from the country. ‘If it is not possible to send us the apostate, withdraw your troops’. The story is in Italian, but will post it in English as soon as I find it.

I talebani chiedono la testa di Abdul Rahman, l’afgano convertitosi al cristianesimo, in cambio del giornalista italiano ( e filo-talebano) rapito. Ovviamente, nessuno anche nell’attuale governaccio di sinistra si sogna anche lontanamente di mandare Abdul a morire in Afghanistan.

New Zealand accomplice of the Mullahs in Iran. Immigration Minister: Iranian Christian convert “would be safe in Iran”. Mr. Cunliffle ,of course, forgets that in Iran ‘apostates’ are killed in public. But, in order not to lose its economic contracts with the Islamic regime, New Zealand does not care if a man is murdered because of his beliefs. In the meantime, good news for Gay Iranians, who will be granted special political asylum in the Netherlands.

Muslim women should not hide behind veil.Italian PM Prodi seems to be getting it.

Il signor Prodi dice una cosa sensata, anche se non capisce che non è solo il niqab ( cioè il velo che lascia scoperti solo gli occhi) che andrebbe messo fuorilegge in Italia. E’ il velo in generale, uno straccio che simboleggia l’oppressione e schiavizzazione della donna nell’Islam. Un oltraggio alla dignità dell’essere umano donna.

Fully-veiled women eating spaghetti..

Donne completamente coperte che mangiano spaghetti..

Robert Spencer: Muslim Moderates Under Siege

Pro-Israel Bangladeshi writer Salahhuddin Choudhury beaten by gov’t-led thugs. And here is a website dedicated to the campaign to save this enlightened Muslim reformist writer: Free Choudhury

The Freedom Manifest, a website gathering secular and reformist French Muslims who struggle for Enlightenment in Islam, has launched a petition in favor of the  Robert Redeker, the french philosopher hit by a death fatwa. I admit I don’t understand French very much, but I can manage understand what the petition states: some of them disagree with Redeker’s statements, but – like Voltaire – they firmly support the right to criticize Islam. You can read the Petition and sign it here.

Christian priest killed in Indonesia.The Jawa Report launches the Boycott Indonesia campaign to protest the murder of Christians.

Former Janjaweed militiaman: Sudan training, arming and supporting Janjaweed militia .He further reveals: ‘We burnt their homes and killed all the men, women and children’

New York Post: Korea’s Nightmare: Horrors of Life in the North

Qadhafi, the War Criminal.Why are we making nice with a brutal Arab tyrant?

Ciao, Andrea. Ci mancherai.

Propaganda vs. reality. Walking accross Cuba you would happen to read things like “We are doing fine”. This is what Castro affirmed. Below, just a glimpse of the reality on the ground.

Having no hot water, Cubans invent ways to get a little of it

Movimiento Liberal Cubano (MLC) y  Comisión de Atención a Presos Políticos y Familiares (CAPPF) realizan una serie de vigilias

Movimiento Liberal Cubano Se Reorganiza de Cara al Futuro

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