It is about time to bring the criminals to justice. Billionaire mad mullah Rafsanjani and Hizballah ‘leaders’ wanted in 1994 Argentine bombing

From the EU-Statements-Never-Cease-To-Make-Me-Laugh Department: Javier Solana: ‘Hamas doesn’t want to destroy Israel’Islamo-fascist misogyny from an islamist cleric in Australia: “Women to blame for sex attacks” . And the federal Sex Discrimination commissioner reacted immediately: Cleric should be sacked and deported

Magdi Allam: Gli strateghi che guidano la guerra pro-hijab

Manchester imam okays killing of homosexuals

French Foreign Minister changes opinion on Israel’s fence and ackowledges that it’s foiled around 80% of terror attacks. Charles at LGF sees this as a flying pig moment. And I agree with him.

Good news, as there seems to be still room for free speech with respect to Islam in Europe: Mohammed cartoon newspaper acquitted . But if you hoped this was the beginning of Europe’s awakening, well, don’t hold your breathe, because you have to remember that there is a country, Britain, where insanity is paving the way to the establishment of sharia: British Airways: yes to veil, no to cross

C’è ancora posto per la libertà di pensiero in Europa. Il giornale danese che aveva pubblicato le vignette su maometto è stato assolto perchè l’accusa di razzismo non è stata ritenuta fondata. Ma in Inghilterra si continua a grandi passi a marciare verso l’islamizzazione. La British Airways dice si al velo,ma no alla croce.

Brussels Journal: The Rape of Europe

Wafa Sultan, A woman’s work in progress


Palestinian gays flee to Israel

Sudanese genociders celebrate at the United Nations! (h/t: Gateway Pundit )

Expert speaks about non-cooperation of Cuban workers

These are two Cuban independent librarians, wife and husband, one week after being beaten by a communist mob led by the State Security and the political police. And then we still hear naive people, living in the rich and democratic world, calling to lift the “embargo” and do business with the communist mafia in Cuba! The communist regime in Cuba and its very few supporters in the island are the exact copy of the fascist death squads. This kind of beatings occurr almost everyday in Cuba, but that does not prevent the dissidents from continuing with more determination the struggle to liberate Cuba. They are receiving the solidarity of the population. Source, in Spanish: Bitacora Cubana.

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información, sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El lunes 16 de octubre del 2006, el bibliotecario independiente Eduardo González Vázquez, a las 10 am, celebró una actividad en la BI El Mayor, sita en Cedano No.99 apto. 4 entre Martí y San Lorenzo, en Camagüey, como apertura del Congreso en su biblioteca. Asistieron bibliotecarios de este municipio cabecera y vecinos de su casa. “El despertar de Cuba está cerca, para Cuba ya es la hora. Que Dios le dé gloria y salud a todas aquellas personas que entregaron su vida y su pensamiento a favor de la libertad de Cuba y que Dios le dé también salud a Martha Beatriz, por haber convocado a este Congreso. Que como mismo fue convocada la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad, Martha que Dios te bendiga, que Dios te bendiga, porque oye, no pueden con nosotros, están cogidos ya. ¡Ya para Cuba es hora!, ¡Ya para Cuba es hora!

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Continuaré desarrollando mi labor como periodista, y nada, ni nadie, lo va a impedir

Orthodox priest released, vows to go ahead with the struggle to liberate Cuba. (Spanish)

Disidentes  Realizan video-conferencia entre La Habana y Miami en homenaje a Rosa Parks en la seccion de la Oficina de Intereses norteamericanos en la capital cubana. James Meredith, que dijo ser un soldado de la lucha por los derechos civiles, fustigó al gobernante cubano Fidel Castro calificándolo como racista muy efectivo, cuyo régimen nada había hecho por los negros en 47 años.

Non-cooperation campaign hits the streets of Miami

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  1. News Roundup

    From Free Thoughts.
    Many think that the United States shouldn’t be the worlds policeman, but if we don’t who will?

  2. Matt says:

    Alright, I read about the Argentinian court’s decision a while back. I guess Rafsanjani had best stay away from there. The imam said four wintesses were needed. Good luck with that. “The drawings of Mohammed printed in Jyllands-Posten newspaper were not racist, a court in Århus has decided” Racism is against a race. If you’re going to take offense at it, call it anti-Islamic. I don’t think Muslims are a race, unless I’m seriously mistaken. That flight attendant is still on leave? Oh, that is absurd! It’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen with regards to Cuba. I wish they’d say he’s dead. What they’re saying over at KillCastro holds true: it’s about the future, not Castro anymore.

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