Australian Muslims say they agree with fascistic imam who offended the women’s dignityStraw gave blessing to controversial university award to terrorist and murderer Mohammad Khatami. Via Aryamehr

Bin Laden’s prints seen on ruins of Bamiyan Buddhas.Must be because of Buddha’s participation to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, you know..

N. Korean agents played key role in violent anti-U.S. protests in S. Korea; ruling party parliamentarian covered for them

Gender Apartheid in Turkey, from the Persian Gulf Times : Women-only park plan causes stir in secular Turkey

The U.N.-led European ‘peacekeepers’  would do better to shoot down the Sudanese jets and they would save lives by doing just that. But don’t hold your breathe. Commuters burnt alive in surge of Sudan massacres

My article at Town Hall:  Cuba’s Dissident Movement Grows Stronger as Castro Weakens

Il mio articolo su Town HallI will move to the U.S. to live and work, but New York won’t be the place I am gonna stay in. New York Honors Fidel Castro With Statue

Darsi Ferrer: Proyecto: Frente Patriótico Nacional

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  1. Oh, my ****ing God! That Castro statue needs to be pulled down the way Saddam’s was.

  2. […] Jim at GatewayPundit, and Stefania at Free Thoughts have much more on this here and here. A.M. Mora y Leon @ 4:51 pm | […]

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