So, the cut&run party won the mid-term elections. I am satisfied. I tell you why: Nancy Pelosi (an Italian-American I am not proud of ) will contribute to the defeat of the liberals in 2008. Her control of the House will be enough for the American voters not to vote a Democrat as next U.S. president. Consider this as a partial victory for the GOP. Of course, much is at stake, such as free trade, taxes (the left loves increasing them, above all when it comes to punish the enterpreunering middle class) , the war on terror (the democrats will do their best to repeal the Patriot Act, who saved millions of lives over the past 5 years) , etc.  But don’t be upset and just be patient. Give Pelosi and the likes of the Democratic Party 2 years to damage the latter’s chances of victory in 2008. Nancy Pelosi’s House = Democrats defeat in 2008. This Democratic victory paves the way for a Republican victory in 2008. And that’s far more important.

One Free Korea has posted an interesting analysis comparing these mid-term elections to the previous ones, since 1958. It’s a must-read here

Soldiers in Iraq Say Pullout Would Have Devastating Results

I soldati Usa in Iraq ricordano ai Democratici che il ritiro dall’Iraq avrebbe effetti devastanti

The genocidal Nazi monsters of Hamas threaten attacks on U.S. targets

One more libel against Israel proven false: UN says it found no evidence of uranium-based munitions in Lebanon

L’ennesima menzogna anti-israeliana viene riconosciuta come tale anche dall’ Onu, che riconosce che di armi all’uranio israeliane in Libano non ce n’è traccia alcuna.

Sandro Magister : Jihad Finds a Strange Advocate: “La Civiltà Cattolica” – The authoritative magazine publishes a shocking editorial, in which its stance on Islam looks a lot like a surrender. It’s as if Benedict XVI had never delivered the lecture in Regensburg

Bono Vox’s latest campaign: helping promote a Gitmo jihadist

La nuova campagna del cantante degli U2, Bono, dopo quella di obbligare l’Occidente a dare soldi ai dittatori e leader corrotti africani: ora si fa portavoce di un terrorista islamico rinchiuso a Guantanamo

Amil Imani: Holding Islam to Account

From the Real Cuba. ‘Mecaniqueros’ a video that shows what Cubans have to do in order to survive. ‘Mecaniqueros’ is a French television production which shows what Cubans are doing to survive under the brutal regime that has been ruling the island for almost 50 years. The title comes from “mecanico”, Spanish for “mechanic,” and is a reference to those people in Cuba who can fix anything or, like it is shown on the video, create a light switch from an empty toothpaste tube and an empty spray can.The 52-minute video also shows how the regime tries to prevent the Cuban people from earning any extra money. Castro’s officials enter the homes unannounced and give heavy fines to any Cuban who has created a small business to earn a little extra money to supplement the meager slave salaries that they receive. Note that nobody of the people you’ll hear blamed the so-called “U.S. embargo”. Someone even aknowledged that before 1959, things were much better. Click here to see it.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Se Recrudece Represión Policial Contra Vendedores Ambulantes en Cuba

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  1. msfanni says:

    That is so true. The Democrat win this week has sealed the Presidency in 08 for the Republicans. It really stresses me out though having that freak show in charge iof the House and Senate. There is always the veto. Atleast it will be a good show to watch.

  2. freethoughts says:

    Ms. Fanni., as I wrote, let’s give the Democrats 2 years and you’ll see that they will be paving the way for their own defeat.

    They won’t last too long. So, don’t be upset.

  3. no2liberals says:

    No one likes to lose…ever!
    But most of us know that it is very difficult to impossible, to be undefeated.
    As a Republican, I recognize what contributed to our loss, and haven’t lost heart, but have reaffirmed my commitment to promoting conservatism.
    The fact that the Dhimmicrats ran a smart campaign, without ever revealing their secretive plans for curing all the ills of this great nation, and indeed the world, is not to be overlooked. They must soon reveal what it is they are planning on doing, and the lies they told during the campaign, that they are for tax cuts, will be on display.
    I found this post at Blackfive by Uncle Jimbo, very interesting:

    I expect a certain amount of ignorance and naivete about the military and war overall among Democrats, although there are exceptions, but Nancy Pelosi is setting a new standard. In an interview on FOX news she manages to perfectly encapsulate why she and the Dems overall have no idea what we are really doing. From the new Speaker of the House about Iraq (at HotAir w/ video):

    “not a war to be won but a situation to be solved”

    Does Botox effect one’s brain?

  4. Libertario says:

    Peggio per i repubblicani che si sono portati dietro quella massa di imbecilli religiosi, e il gruppetto di neocon statalisti post-socialisti del cazzo. Nessuno dimentichi che il partito repubblicano è stato fondato da Lincoln e che per decenni è stato il vero partito della Libertà negli Stati Uniti. Viva Goldwater abbasso Roove!

  5. freethoughts says:

    Libertario, sono d’accordo, ma ora ci ritroviamo con i soliti realisti ugualmente del cazzo, come Robert Gates, o i Democratici che in politica estera sono per l’appeasement delle peggiori dittature, e di questo sono molto ma molto preoccupata. Come sono preoccupata delle celebrazioni che i gruppi terroristi islamici hanno fatto, dato che sanno che i Democratici non sono tanto intolleranti verso di loro.

  6. Matt says:

    Hamas would never seriously consider attacking us. It’d be their end. I read the article on what our troops thought about Iraq. It’s really interesting getting their perspective. I seriously wonder what good goes on in Iraq since all the media (TV & radio) reports is body counts and nothing else. That’s why I’m grateful for alternative media.

  7. freethoughts says:

    Matt, the blogosphere is the alternative media, that’s my humble opinion.

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