Al Qaeda celebrates Democrats’ mid-term wins

Israel finds advanced military equipment in Gaza

Communists, Neo-Nazis and Islamists form an evil alliance we have to defeat. Neo-Nazis, exactly like their red cousins, wearing Palestinian headscarves in Sweden and Germany

The American people understands that it is a war that needs to be won. By any mean. According to a recent ABC News poll, 65 percent of Americans think it is more important for the federal government to investigate possible terrorist threats — even if that intrudes on personal privacy.

Argentina orders arrest warrant for Rafsanjani


L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori. Gli Hezbollah si riarmano…e noi forniamo i missili?

While Chirac and the French establishment is too busy praising the Democrats’ partial victory, thugs attacked a French Jewish school

From the Islamic Republic of Britain: Christian charity bans Christmas themed children’s gifts . Next, we’ll read that British Christians will ban Jesus himself, because he ‘offends’ the Islamists!

27-year long Sharia in Iran. Actress faces lashing over sex video

Un’attrice iraniana rischia di essere frustata sulla pubblica piazza per aver girato un video erotico


Tens of thousands of anti-Islamist Turks shout pro-secular slogans at Ecevit’s funeral

Nicaraguan pro-democracy activist shouts “We want fair elections! The majority of the Nicaraguan people rejects you! Murderer! Thief!  You stole the election!” at communist tyrant Daniel Ortega, who won the Nicaragua’s elections by chancing the constitution to his own advantage. Video here  (h/t here)

Dove c’è libertà non si muore di fame.Quel che non si dice del rapporto della Fao

Aini Martín Valero intervista al sacerdote catolico ortodoxo Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarria: “Estar Preso por Querer la Libertad de mi Patria Ha Sido un Orgullo para Mí”

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Interceden vecinos en favor de activista

Cubanos residentes en Miami tiran a la basura un busto del asesino Fidel Castro

 L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori. 

 L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

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  1. fj cordero says:

    So your readers and bloggers can see for themselves, here is the missing “National Review” link for the Nicaragua article by Reagan and Bush speechwriter Mark Klugmann:

  2. Lusidvicel says:

    Hello, i love! Let me in, please 🙂

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