UNIFIL ‘peacekeepers’ in Lebanon to indirectly wage war on Israel.

A bit of sanity from the heart of the Old Europe. Germany refuses to alter Israel ties

Gateway Pundit has more on the Islamic republic of Iran (IRI) influencing the Iraq Study Group, here and here.

Poll (in Italian) : 69% of Italians in favor of Saddam Hussein death sentence

Almeno sju questo, gli italiani non sono fessi. Il 69% degli italiani si dichiara favorevole ad eseguire la pena di morte contro l’ex dittatore iracheno Saddam Hussein

A clownish and idiotarian prime minister with Hitlerinejad, at the UN, Sept. 2006


The despicable Daily Kos (the last word means something in arabic I can’t write here) hits bottom and I believe Democrats thinking like him are not that few, after all.

Vedova partorisce un figlio, sarà lapidata. La sentenza di un tribunale saudita che ha applicato alla lettera la Sharia islamica. Non essendo sposata il suo è considerato adulterio

Wafa Sultan says ‘religion of peace’ pronouncement undermines her efforts to battle religion’s ‘barbarism’

Amil Imani : Democracy’s Problems with Islam

Milton Friedman Dies at Age 94. R.I.P.

Washington Times: Women’s rights in Pakistan

Maverick Pakistani Women Rally Against Fundamentalist Rape Laws



To Kill a Russian Journalist .Anna Politkovskaya’s murder and Russia’s spiral into its totalitarian past.

CINA/JIANGXI,CONTINUA LA PROTESTA DEGLI STUDENTI – Le autorità hanno inviato gli agenti in tenuta anti-sommossa presso un campus di Ganjiang per fermare una protesta di massa che avrebbe riunito circa 60mila universitari. Linee telefoniche e connessioni Internet tagliate dagli agenti, che hanno bloccato gli studenti dentro gli edifici.

Janjaweed regularly violate women as Darfur conflict spreads into Chad


Poor Chinese farmers again take to the streets against communist exploiters

Prague to subsidise pro-democracy projects in Belarus, Cuba

Atropello policial contra Darsi Ferrer y otros opositores pacificos

2 Responses to

  1. Mad Minerva says:

    More on Russia’s return to its dark nature:


    The story of Alexander Litvinenko in London:

    “A former Russian security agent poisoned in London earlier this month has been moved to intensive care after his condition deteriorated, doctors said today, as the Kremlin dismissed allegations that he was attacked on the orders of Moscow.

    . . . His condition has threatened to cause a diplomatic crisis between Britain and Russia after doctors confirmed that he was poisoned.”

  2. freethoughts says:

    Mad Minerva, I read this news, and I am not surprised.

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