As the UN-led ‘peacekeepers’ are busy searching Israeli aircrafts to gun down, Syria and Hizballah (with the help of the Islamic regime in Iran) kill another anti-Syrian occupation Lebanese official. Lebanese Cabinet minister, Pierre Gemayel, is killed. We are gonna see another civil war, started by the forces of terror in Lebanon, while the blue helmets, once again, will be staying idle. May I already affirm the failure of the UN ‘mission’ ? Just this early morning, the Opinion Journal published the following op-ed by Michael Young, Don’t let Syria get away with killing Rafik Hariri . Sandmonkey has the first photos of the reactions of the Lebanese to this crime.

Mentre i caschi blu sono impegnati a scovare i caccia israeliani da abbattere, la Siria e gli Hezbollah (con l’aiuto del regime islamico in Iran) hanno ucciso un’altro nemico dell’occupazione siriana, il ministro libanese cristiano Pierre Gemayel. Il popolo libanese, quello che i tg non ci fanno mai vedere, scenderà in piazza e farà sentire la propria voce.Assisteremo ad un’altra guerra civile scatenata ancora una volta dai terroristi, il tutto sotto gli occhi dell’Onu (come accadde in Ruanda). Credo di poter già affermare che la ‘missione’ Onu è fallita da un pò, ma pare che molti non se ne siano accorti.

Israel thinks the right thing. No mercy with terrorists, whether they are in the streets or occupying ‘government’ posts. Israeli Official: Hamas Leadership Should be Assassinated

Speaking of the anti-Israel resolution passed by the U.N. Security Council, ambassador Bolton tells things nobody is willing to. Read the whole thing and enjoy the moment, as the Democrats might be preparing a bad surprise.

Magdi Allam: «L’islam in Italia? Tutto bene» .Un Dvd (idilliaco) per le scuole

Salim Mansur: Geneva Convention rules don’t apply to Gitmo jihadists

I don’t know if you’d care, but I am rooting for Newt Gingrich

Opinion Journal: So who really is responsible for the mess in Italy?

An Italian poll found that, if elections were held today, about 57% vote center-right and only 41% for the left. A majority of Italians also thinks Prodi is performing very bad. Hence, his party’s approval rate is one of the lowest in the recent years. Communists also lost a lot, they don’t even get the 5% of support. However, the Italians say they are looking for new leaders, possibly on the right.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali surprise guest in Denmark

Because of Islamist oppression, Desperate Afghan Women Attempt Suicide By Self-Immolation

The Black Book of the Sandinistas .Remembering Ortega’s Marxist Gulag

FPM: The UN solution to global warming is worse than the problem

As the America and Israel-haters focus – always – on the Palestinians : Sudan gov’t strikes N. Darfur . And the Libyan tyrant Muammar Qadhafi shows he has not changed and is still a supporter of genocide against non-Arab populations (he also committed crimes against Berbers “in the past”). Meanwhile, something that is not going to draw the international outcry: Darfur children dragged from mothers and shot


Frente para la Libertad Total de Cuba: Comunicado de Prensa de Solidaridad Con los Ciudadanos de Madruga, Cuba

Reaccionan Damas de Blanco ante Polémica Declaración de Prensa

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información sobre la celebración de actividades por el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El pasado 2 de noviembre del 2006, se llevó a cabo un debate sobre las bibliotecas independientes y su primer. Congreso, en la organización “Asociación de Opositores Hijos de la Virgen de Regla”. Participaron en la actividad 10 personas entre ellos una persona del barrio.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Amenazan e Impiden Libertad de Movimiento a Dama de Blanco en Cuba y también: Agradecen Damas de Blanco Solidaridad del Exilio Cubano

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información recibida de la provincia de Villa Clara, vinculada con “porristas” de las Brigadas de Respuesta Rápida: – Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, director ejecutivo de Cubanacán Press, quiere hacer pública su denuncia sobre los ciudadanos: Raúl López Albelo y Guadalupe González Fraga (alias Lupe), con domicilio en la calle Camilo Cienfuegos No.37 entre Coronel Acebo y Pachito Gómez, en Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, quienes están en trámites para viajar a los Estados Unidos. Según se ha podido conocer a través de diversas fuentes, son los encargados -entre otros militantes comunistas- de haber organizado los actos de repudio -durante los años 2005 y 2006- contra los opositores pacíficos del poblado, Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, Daniel Orlando Gómez Oses, Orestes Suárez Torres, Jesús Verdecia Castillo e Ismary Poso.

5 Responses to

  1. no2liberals says:

    Run Newt, Run!

  2. no2liberals says:

    As for Gemayel’s assasination, may he rest in peace, and may his family and loved ones find comfort at this sad time.
    His killers need to be found and forced to face justice. Investigators should be dispatched to Tehran, Damascus, and Souther Lebanon, immediately.
    The way this murder was carried out shows to me that they had advanced training in SpecOps, and the fact they used ‘suppressed’ weapons, most likely the international SpecOps weapon of choice, the H&K MP5, further indicates this wasn’t carried out by some Hezbo foot soldier. This was planned and performed by professionals, and I would look at the Pasdaran as the ones who most likely did it.

  3. lisistrata says:

    gli afghani non sono persone sono bestie feroci, ma non bestie di questo mondo, sono peggio dei tirannosauri carnivori quelli che vivevano nella preistoria, vanno sterminati se si vuole che altri sopravvivano.

  4. I like Newt, too. He’s very good on camera, in interviews, astute and polite but not “polished.”

    That’s a terrible but eloquent photo of the Afghan woman.

  5. freethoughts says:

    Jeremiah, I really hope he’ll run. I was hoping for Santorum, but it seems he won’t run, so the best option so far – in my opinion- is Newt.

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