Al Qaeda threatens the Pope

Online terrorists launch ‘e-jihad’ attack on Vatican website

Palestinian Terrorists: Cease-fire means chance to reload

Newt Gingrich: Searching for Victory in Iraq: Why the Baker-Hamilton Commission Ought to Visit Mount Vernon

SMCCDI: Ennesima esecuzione in Iran

Sex and love are a beatiful thing and, above all , a natural thing. But not for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranian actress faces the specter of sharia punishment over porn video

Here is the full text of the statement dictated by Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy dead after being poisoned by Putin’s regime

Acts of civil disobedience on the rise in Cuba

Non-cooperation campaign working well in Cuba. Students refuse to participate in conference

Italian-American Congressman Tom Tancredo offends an entire city,Miami

Darsi Ferrer: Carta abierta a Secretario General de la ONU

Youth leaders convene in Havana despite repression

Cuban rock climbers irk Castro & regime (Hat tip: Babalù )

Bajo fuerte represión y amenazas mujeres de FLAMUR


From Havana, Martha Beatriz Roque, president of the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society in Cuba sent us the following photos of the Congress of the Independent Libraries in Cuba, organized by the Assembly. In the photos is seen the logo of the Civil Desobedience and Non-Cooperation campaign “Yo No Coopero Con la Dictadura, Yo Si Quiero El Cambio”.

Independent Library “Jesus Llanez Pelletier”, November 23, 2006

More activities

Santa Clara:

Firt Anniversary of the “Martha Abreu” Femenine Movement, Santa Clara (the older lady is Gloria Amaya and behind her, with glasses is her son, Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya:

Activity in support of a political prisoner in hunger strike

More congressional activity

This activist was attacked by the police with spray in his eyes

“Pat Tillman” Independent Library

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