Half a Billion dollars about to fill Hamas’ pockets

The Iraq Study Group recommends appeasing the world’s worst tyrants and terrorist regimes responsible for chaos in Iraq and the sectarian conflict. If he has still the guts, President Bush has to FIRMLY reject ALL the ‘recommendations’ of this disastrous report. Failing to do so would pave the way to the suicide of the democratic nations. Meanwhile, Robert Spencer, whose blog I admire much, is dead wrong when he writes that the U.S. must abandon the democratic initiatives in the ME. Spencer ignores that in the past couple of years, the Bush administration abandoned such initiatives. They’re not futile, Mr. Spencer. I totally agree when he says that the US need to shift toward an offensive anti-jihad posture, but returning to a pre-9/11 policy of appeasing ‘moderate’ Middle Eastern regimes did not work, and the very same 9/11 attacks are a prove of that (the murderers were from countries we have always appeased, Saudi Arabia and Egypt). UPDATE: President Bush has rejected most of the report. That’s great news, although he should reject all of it.

The Europeans should mind their own business and remember that it’s the President of the United States him who decides his country’s policies. In the meantime, and no surprise, terrorists rejoice and promise new attacks.


Israeli deputy defense minister says what we already knew: Islamic Jihad takes orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran

Magdi Allam: Per l’integrazione in Italia mancano la cultura dei diritti e dei doveri e l’affrancamento dal mito del multiculturalismo

Newt Gingrich,run please! The 1st Amendment Is Not a Suicide Pact: Blocking the Speech That Calls for Our Death

Italy’s government (last polls found 65% of Italians would vote it out if elections were held today and 2 million protested against it last saturday in Rome) proudly announces surrender to Islamo-Fascists in Iraq. Notice the bias of the Reuters report.

One Free Korea’s Joshua Shanton writes that Bolton’s resignation is bad news for the millions of starving North Koreans.

Niger Islamic fascists protest against women’s rights.

Please, if you didn’t already do it, sign the petition in favor of Nazanin

SMCCDI: Hundreds of students protest against repression in Iran



Texan town’s residents use pig races to deter building of mosque

Intervista a Scaramella: “La dose che mi è stata somministrata è sei volte quella considerata sufficiente per uccidere”

FIGI: ESERCITO DISARMA UNITA’ POLIZIA, TIMORI COLPO DI STATO.Militari delle isole Figi sono entrati oggi (lunedi’) in posti di polizia strategici della capitale Suva disarmandoli, mentre crescono i timori per un colpo di stato che potrebbe essere imminente

The Nazi Islamic regime in Iran praises Chavez victory in another rigged election

Investor’s Business Daily: Chavez Buys Himself An Election

Did you really believe Chavez was going to be kicked out through ‘elections’? We all know that Venezuelan elections under Chavez are not at all fair and free, as he is a dictator. The National Election Commission is under his control, so what did you expect? I already predicted his ‘win’. Chavez has not the support of the majority, but he ‘won’ just as the Soviets ‘won’ their ‘elections’.Chavez can be defeated ONLY through a Velvet Revolution. And that will occurr very soon, don’t worry.

Weekly Standard: Singapore Sidestep

Released Cuban dissident pledges to continue opposing the regime


Denuncia: Telecom Italia colabora con la represión Castrista

Fuori Telecom-Italia da Cuba: Lettera aperta di Matteo Mecacci a Guido Rossi, Presidente di Telecom Italia .Dopo Telekom Serbia, Telecom Italia dismetta anche la partecipazione nella compagnia telefonica cubana ETECSA, controllata dal regime cubano e utilizzata per incarcerare dissidenti e giornalisti.

Press conference draws attention to acts of non-cooperation with the dictatorship in Cuba.Non-cooperation is the Cuban people’s response to Castro’s repression

Augusto & Fidel .Ci sono due dittatori che stanno facendo a gara nel ritardare il passaggio all’altro mondo. Vincerà Castro, che è maestro assoluto nel durare immobilizzando il mondo, o si farà prima il funerale a Pinochet.

From Cuban Medicine: Bulgarian Treatment

Enviado por Carlos Serpa Maceira: Condenan en Cuba a Opositor Encarcelado desde 2003

Video on Cuba’s Ladies in White up at YouTube here

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Denuncian Como Falsa Judicial, Encarcelamiento de Activista Sindical en Cuba

Aparecen de izquierda a derecha el activista sindical independiente Lázaro González Adán , condenado en Cuba a 3 años de prisión por promover un Sindicalismo Libre , el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira , la periodista Marilyn Díaz Fernández , esposa de Lázaro , el Promotor de la Corriente Martiana ,Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez Valdez , y la periodista Fara Armentero ,exiliada política en los Estados Unidos.

World Champion! Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro won the Golden Ball. Cannavaro helped Italy win the 2006 World Cup.


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  1. Wow, Fabio’s girlfriend is gorgeous!

  2. freethoughts says:

    She’s not his girlfriend. She is Monica Bellucci. He is married and has 4 children. Married, but not with Bellucci.

  3. Yeah, Vince Cassell got her.

  4. […] If this had happened in the UK, it be front page on the BBC, and would almost certainly end up in front of the European Court of Human Rights . . . and one suspects that, at least in this case, a farmer would lose (via Free Thoughts): […]

  5. Baker to Hitler: “You Failed. I’ll Finish the Job.”

    Best Photoshop of the Year, I say.

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