David Horowitz: Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar

Opinion Journal: Kofi Annan’s legacy: Rwanda, Darfur, Iraq and Oil for Food

The news wire services are all shocked: the Saudis say they would back Sunnis.. Shocking! The Saudis have been backing the Sunni terrorists in Iraq for 3 years now, with both money and arms.

More evidence showing why Olmert is unfit to lead Israel

Magdi Allam: Il gigante d’argilla

Honour killing being exported to Italy

UN downgrades man’s impact on the climate. I expect sooner or later they will admit that the so-called ‘global warming’ is a myth and the failure of the Kyoto Protocol. Should I expect such a thing to ocurr anytime soon?

Interview with Bjorn Lomborg, free market enviromentalist

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: The real lesson to be learned from the suffering of Maher Arar

Myrtus: A collective statement by moderate muslim bloggers to the Iranian regime about its Holocaust denial conference

Former Ethiopian tyrant Mengistu Haile Mariam convicted of genocide

Castro and Pinochet, two faces of the same coin.

Pinochet, A Cold War dictator who paved the way for democracy

A Dictator’s Double Standard .Augusto Pinochet tortured and murdered. His legacy is Latin America’s most successful country

Vaclav Havel calls for boycott on tourism in Cuba.”I cannot go to Cuba to relax on the beach and keep my eyes shut, while dozens of political prisoners are behind bars there”.

Demócratas cubanos exigen una condena internacional de la brutal agresión a un grupo de disidentes en La Habana

Mario Llerena, 93, Dies in Miami; Castro Ally, Then Critic. a Cuban intellectual, he broke with Castro before he took power because of Mr. Castro’s shift toward Communism

One of the 14 dissidents savagely beaten up by a hired mob in Havana while marching silently near the UN mission there to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of HRs, speaks out and says nothing will stop the peaceful struggle for freedom. (Spanish)

Uno de los agredidos por las turbas fascistas dirigida por la seguridad del estado terrorista,el dia 10 de Diciembre, cuenta lo que sucedió aquel dia: Nuestra dignidad y valor eran superiores a ellosY para que lo sepa el mundo entero, nosotros vencimos y venceremos. podemos ser encarcelados en cualquier momento. Pero aún así, nuestra lucha pacífica seguirá adelante.”

Movimiento Liberal Cubano convoca a vigilia masiva

Damas de Blanco Envían Mensaje al Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja

Cuban independent journalist Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia, released after 9 days of psychological torture, pledges to go ahead with his opposition to Castro’s tyranny.

Before and after the arrest


The below photos are courtesy of independent journalist Carlos Manuel Serpa Maceira, who sent them to us via email from Havana

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Se declara en Huelga de Hambre Sólida Madre de Periodista Independiente Arrestado en Cuba

Ahmed’s mother, was on hunger strike to protest her son’s arbitrary and illegitimate arrest

Margarita Albacia

From left, Ahmed’s mother and, fourth from left, Ahmed himself.

A member of an independent library that participates to the First Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, has delivered food to an old Cuban woman living in extremely poor conditions in Old Havana. The Cuban people are more than willing to accept the humanitarian help of the freedom fighters. Unlike the State Security mobs who represent the minority, and wealthy people, the majority of Cubans, who live in daily misery, have a good opinion of the dissidentsEntrega la BI Jesús Yáñez Pelletier Jaba Navideña

The woman signs this document, with the logo of the Assembly

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