Two different viewpoints on Pinochet. Weekly Standard: Don’t Cry for Pinochet . Humberto Fontova: Pinochet, the Untold Story . My personal opinion is that the coup d’etat against Allende was justified by the fact that he was a would-be Stalinist tyrant and the coup saved Chile from decades of suffering. Having said that, I think Pinochet should not have ruled the way he did. He ruled exactly like the would-be tyrant Allende.

Osvaldo Alfonso Valdés: Pinochet, Castro y el Juicio de la Historia

Reprimen a opositores para evitar que marchen

The Independent Librarians in Congress for Democracy under the umbrella of the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, continue delivering food and other stuff to poor people. And the population welcomes the dissidents’ work. This is  more evidence of the growing popularity they are gaining, despite the regime’s attempts to discredite them.

Entrega de Productos el Día de Los Derechos Humanos

Gladys Nunez delivers food to a poor Cuban woman and her daughter

The woman signs a document where she confirms she has taken the products delivered. The document also contains the logo of the Assembly

I received the following photos from Martha Beatriz. The photos show her along with the Ladies in White and the recently-released political prisoner Hector Palacio Ruiz, at the Santa Rita church in Miramar, Havana,  December 10, 2006

Misa en la Iglesia Santa Rita en el Día Internacioal de los Derechos Humanos

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