Gingrich Announces He May Run for President .Here is one of the reasons for which I am endorsing him: Gingrich: Imams should have been arrested

Daniel Pipes: Terribile rapporto di James Baker sull’Iraq

SMCCDI: Sham elections turn into another debacle 

SMCCDI: Le false elezioni iraniane boicottate dalla maggioranza della popolazione  

Salim Mansur: Throughout their history, Muslims have been the primary perpetrators and victims of their own violence 

I am really disgusted in seeing the way the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting the news. First, I read al-AP insulting the Iranian nation and millions of Iranians (no confusion with the regime, pls) by calling the historical Persian Gulf as “Arab Gulf” (the sheikhs must be jumping of joy after reading it) and then, almost all the MSM (AP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, AFP) calling Rafsanjani, the MURDERER OF THOUSANDS, INCLUDING DISSIDENTS IN EUROPE and MASTERMIND of the 1993 bombings in Argentina, as “moderate” ! But don’t be surprised, these are the very same media which refer to Bin Laden as “Saudi dissident” and refuse to call terrorists as terrorists, preferring to appease them by calling them “militants”, “rebels” and, I guess they will soon or later call them “frustrated poor people seeking revenge against the bad evil Zionists and Americans”. Not to mention the LIES the media are reporting about the so-called “elections” in Iran, claiming about a sort of “larger than expected turnout in Iran’s elections” and stupidities of this kind ( the Mullahs must be jumping of joy seeing how they are able to manipulate the foreign media). Again, don’t be surprised: AP and Reuters (to name a few) are the very same which have fabricated photos during the Lebanon war this summer (I hope you remember the Fauxtography Scandal). The televised media here are also reporting the sham elections as if they were democratic elections and seem to be happy that Rafsanjani “won” , so the European masters will do business with him, forgetting his crimes.The world is losing ethics.

Bin Laden killed.

Menghistu, il Terrore rosso fu genocidio. L’ex despota marxista, ora in esilio in Zimbabwe, sterminò i suoi oppositori e usò le carestie come arma di governo.L´Etiopia condanna l´ex dittatore: rischia la pena di morte

Weekly Standard: Meet Mugabe’s Victims

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  1. […] Hat Tip: Free Thoughts (Cotillion member) […]

  2. I agree about Newt. He’s one of the better choices in a weak Republican slate of candidates. I also expect a strong candidate to come out of nowhere.

  3. freethoughts says:

    May God Bless Nickie’s soul! I am close to you.

  4. Thank you. That is wonderful to hear from a Patriot whose blog is read around the world. Buon Natale.

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