Bad news for Islamists and jihadists, good news for the civilized who don’t want Somalia to turn into a Taliban state: Islamist Forces in Somalia Are on the Retreat

Iraq court upholds Saddam death sentence

Olmert wants Israel to commit suicide. Add that to this one and draw your conclusions.

Hamas threatens attacks on US . And the U.S. wants to give’em a state..

Mark Steyn: Biggest story of our time: our self-extinction

Omar, Iraq the Model: How to beat Iraq’s Shiite extremists

Sharia alert in Indonesia: Aceh launches crackdown on ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour

James Brown, R.I.P.

Activity of one of over 100 Independent Libraries (ILs) which are celebrating the first Congress of the ILs throughout Cuba, organized by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, whose main leader, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, sends us the photos, like the below ones

Sigue adelante campaña “Con la misma moneda”

Niñas de Flamur, tan valientes como sus madres

2 Responses to

  1. The Friends of Terror Scrapbook

    The State Department just declassified documents relating to the murders of U.S. diplomats in the Sudan in 1973. As many have suspected, the U.S. was aware that Yasir Arafat directly orchestrated the killings…

  2. Dan says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Stefania!

    And to one and all.

    As for Arafat, we didn’t need any intercept to know what he was up to. And as for Olmert, I think he’s simply heeding instructions from the State Department. Olmert isn’t going to risk alienating the one reliable friend and ally that Israel has.

    So don’t look for him to do anything worthwhile.

    Bush and Condi are calling the play right now.

    And they’re screwing up royally.

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