One of the world’s worst tyrants and war criminals will go to meet Satan tomorrow morning. Saddam Hussein to hang in the early hours of tomorrow (saturday). Personally, I am against the death penalty, but I think exceptions exist and one of these is Saddam’s execution, which is very well-deserved. As was that of Mussolini, hanged in a well-known square in Milan.

Piazzale Loreto per Saddam Hussein domani all’alba. Questo è il destino che si merita.

My article at American Thinker: Iran’s So-called Elections

Somalia rescued from Taliban rule.

Declassified State Department Document:Arafat Responsible for Storming of Embassy and Murder of Americans in 1973 . And yet, this murderer was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Hamas makes it clear once again that all it looks for is Israel’s annihilation.

Magdi Allam: La moschea di Colle Val d’Elsa: un’inchiesta de “Il Giornale” sul patto tra la sinistra e gli islamici. Parte 1, Parte 2.

Elias Bejjani: Canada’s Prime Minister takes the right line on Syria

Ammar Abdulhamid: The delusion of a dialogue with Syria

Magdi Allam: Se nel Corno d’Africa nasce il nuovo Califfato del terrore

Sharia in what has always been secular Turkey : EDITOR OF GAY MAGAZINE TO STAND TRIAL

The Australian: Death of religious tolerance in Malaysia

A good article about the omission of ‘Persian Gulf’ name

The traditional food of those that use unrecognized names for the Persian Gulf

The Independent Librarians in Congress for Democracy under the umbrella of the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, continue delivering food and other stuff to poor people. And the population welcomes the dissidents’ work. This is  more evidence of the growing popularity they are gaining, despite the regime’s attempts to discredite them. The products have sent by the Miami-based anti-regime organizations.

In the below photos, two Havana residents with the products. Photos are courtesy of Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello.

The man signs a document where he confirms he has taken the products delivered. The document also contains the logo of the Assembly

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Circula en Cuba Periódico El Nuevo Herald

A Havana resident reading the Miami-based El Nuevo Herald, one of the newspapers distributed to Cubans visiting the U.S. Interests Section in the capital. This is one of the many ways to help Cubans know the world through non-gov’t outlets

Un residente del municipio capitalino la Habana Vieja leyendo en la vía pública una copia del periódico

Circula Informe Pasos a la Libertad en Bibliotecas Independientes en Cuba

L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

Denuncian Persecución Política Contra Activistas Sindicales en Cuba

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  1. no2liberals says:

    We could debate and argue at length, on whether the death penalty is moral or legal, but I am content to respectfully agree to disagree.
    I will say, I do not celebrate the death of another person, but I do celebrate justice, and the end to a long nightmare for the Iraqi people. Any fear they may have had, that this miscreant could return to power, can now be relieved.

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