Al Qaeda TV .Qaeda’s increasing sophistication, and our continuing confusion

Astounding bit of sanity from the new U.N. secretary general: New U.N. Chief Defends Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein – “Saddam Hussein was responsible for committing heinous crimes and unspeakable atrocities against the Iraqi people,” Ban said in his first news conference as secretary general.

Last Vestiges

Michelle Malkin is going to Iraq, let us wish her a safe trip

Da Prodi per Prodi.Zitto zitto, il premier ha rinnovato il contratto statale a suo fratello. E ha pure partecipato al voto. E attaccava le leggi ad personam di Berlusconi…

‘Muslims should integrate into British values’. No, the opposite, according to this article published in (where else?) The Guardian.

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney eyes 2008 bid

SMCCDI: Four more executed in Iran

SMCCDI: Altre quattro esecuzioni in Iran

U.N. troops in south Sudan raping children: report

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