In an unprecedented move, the Iraqi gov’t has strongly rebuked all those foreign governments that criticized Saddam’s hanging. “We find that this conduct is inciting sedition and flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and abuses feelings of the families of the victims.”

Il governo iracheno ha ricordato a quei governi ipocriti che hanno condannato l’impiccagione dell’assassino Saddam Hussein, che l’Iraq è un paese sovrano. «Condanna di Saddam è questione irachena»«L’esecuzione del despota – ha aggiunto al Maliki – non è stata una decisione politica come affermano i nemici del popolo iracheno. Questa decisione è stata presa dopo un giusto processo che peraltro il dittatore non meritava». «Abbiamo sempre detto che Saddam Hussein non rappresentava una componente del popolo iracheno. I crimini che ha commesso contro il popolo, il paese e le istituzioni sono indifendibili». «Vorrei ugualmente dire qualcosa – ha proseguito il premier iracheno – a proposito delle organizzazioni internazionali e di difesa dei diritti dell’uomo. Mi domando dov’erano quando sono stati commessi i crimini di Anfal, di Halabja, con armi chimiche, con esecuzioni di massa, fosse comuni… Questi crimini sono costati la vita a migliaia di iracheni e di cittadini dei paesi vicini. Perché non abbiamo sentito allora la voce di queste organizzazioni?»

More taxpayers’ money going to fill the terrorists’ pockets

In today’s insane world, one can openly support terror and death fatwas against ‘apostates’, as well as finance terrorist groups, and nobody sees any problem in giving him a ‘peace’ award.

Magdi Allam: Gestire moschee è diventato un business

MEMRI: Lafif Lakhdar: A European Muslim Reformist . On December 10, 2006, at an international conference on Islam in Europe held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Prof. Menahem Milson presented the views of Arab reformist thinker Lafif Lakhdar on the issue of integration versus separate ethnic communal identity among Muslims in Europe. See Lafif’s article on religious minorities and women’s status in the Islamic world, at the blog I created on his behalf and with his consent.

Crescono reati e sbarchi clandestini nella seconda meta’ del 2006

Amil Imani: What to Do About Iran

There are rumors according to which the Islamic Republic’s so-called “supreme leader” is dead. I tend not to report unconfirmed news here; Khamenei’s death cannot be confirmed. I think that it’s better for everyone dedicated to the cause of the Iranian freedom, not to commit the mistake to let emotions overcome the reality on the ground. Emotions can lead to commit serious mistakes. Let’s assume he is dead: my personal conclusion is that all those who rejoice – legitimately and with every reason to do that – should remind that his death does not automatically mean the end of the Islamic regime. The theocracy is not going to change by itself just because his “supreme leader” dies. All we need to do is to put emotions aside, and rather work to help the Iranian people overthrow the totality of the Islamic theocracy once and for all, without letting in power even one of the self-proclaimed ‘reformists’ . Democratic and non-violent regime change can be reached by supporting – politically, morally and economically – all the straits of the Iranian society: students, workers, teachers, women, etc, who will be the ones who will ultimately oust the regime by themselves. While I can understand and share the joy many might feel at the news of a likely death of Khamenei, I also think we should use wiseness and rationality, avoiding to be led by emotions because that is what many did in the recent past and the results have been very bad with respect to the cause we struggle for. It’s not by the death of one Mullah or by changing the Islamist constitution, that we can hope to see the end of the theocracy. I hope wiseness prevails in ourselves and that we can again seriously and concretely take the just and realist steps to turn our good words of “We hope Iran will be free soon” into concrete action that can lead to really liberate Iran.

MALMENATI OPERAI CHE PROTESTANO CONTRO FABBRICA ITALIANA. Chiedevano indennità licenziamento, sprangati dai guardiani. Succede nella Cina comunista.

Souad Sbai welcomes plan to control mosques’ funds

As of recently, a friend – a freelance writer – went to Cuba and she was able to interview people without the regime’s consent. Here is her first report.

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