Good news: U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda in Somalia

Il signor Massimo D’alema si permette di insultare gli Usa per una loro decisione sovrana, e dimostra di stare dalla parte dei talebani somali, legati ad Al Qaeda.

New Video Appears to Show Body of Saddam After Hanging

UK’s huge problem: Londoner named as Al-Qaeda ‘banker’

A New Course for the UN?.The new Secretary General repudiates his predecessor’s legacy

Our ‘friend’ and ‘ally’ in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain strips athlete of citizenship for competing in an Israeli marathon. In another Persian Gulf country, the United Arab Emirates, you can face some months in jail or a costly fine if you own an Israeli symbol, such as the Star of David.

Israel denies false claims of nuclear strike against Iran. Without any doubt, these rumors are part of the pshycological warfare being waged against the terrorist Islamic Republic. In reality, Israel understands quite well that a military strike in Iran would have very bad consequences. It would rally the Iranian population – in their majority against the Mullahs – around the regime and that would be the end of every hope for the liberation of Iran. The problem is not nuclear energy per sè, it’s the terrorist regime that puts its hands on it with the ultimate goal to use it against Israel. It’s the regime in Iran that must be overthrown, not the nuclear facilities per se. The democratic world has once and for all to adopt a concrete regime change policy before one that focuses only on the nuclear issue. No mullahs, no problem.

Another ‘honor’ killing: Pakistani kills sister for working and studying


New York Sun: Desperation Rises in Castro’s Cuba

A representative of the Cuban Ladies in White has challenged and called on Cindy Sheehan to visit the Cuban prisons where political prisoners are held in horrific living conditions for thinking differently than the regime in power.

Dissident movement distributes presents and gifts for children on the occasion of the Three Kings’ Day in Cuba. (More photos to come).

Independent union leader detained in Havana. The victim is the second from left. The third from left is our friend Carlos Serpa Maceira, an independent journalist, author of this report, in Spanish.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Arrestan en Cuba a Líder del Movimiento Sindical Independiente

The political police in front of the dissident house, in 2005.

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