More good news from the war on terror: Al Qaeda jihadist who planned 1998 embassy bombings killed

No Exit in Somalia. In Somalia the U.S. stays on the anti-terror offense

Prodi e gli aiutini per gli amici.La creazione di enti e commissioni farà apparire magicamente 250 nuovi (e inutili?) posti di lusso

Italian gov’t’s anti-americanism. Italy opposed to U.S. action in Somalia .That’s not all for today. They are eager to condemn those who worked to protect our national security from terror-enablign imams.Italy weighing CIA agents’ indictments .Human insanity knows no limits. I expect harsh criticism from the U.S. gov’t, for Italy’s blatant meddling into U.S.’ sovereign decisions (attacking Al Qaeda strongholds in Somalia) and the indictment of its agents for fighting terrorism.

Il Giorno ha intervistato Adriana Bolchini, alias Lisistrata.

Britain’s huge problem update. British Mullah defends killing of non-Muslims

SMCCDI: Bush vows action on Islamic regime for support of terror

Moroccan blogger Myrtus: This is not funny! Morocco suffers from MOHAMED CARTOON CONTROVERSY side effects!

SMCCDI: Huge explosion rocks Iran’s south central region

ITALY: MP RECEIVES DEATH THREATS OVER HER ANTI-VEIL BATTLE. The parliamentarian, Daniela Santanchè, is member of the center-right wing party of the National Alliance, whose leader is the ex foreign minister Gianfranco Fini. She is author of a recently-published book entitled: “The denied woman: from female genital mutilation to liberation”, in which she tells about the oppression of women in the Islamic society and how we can do to help them liberate themselves from the Dark Ages Islamist yoke. During a TV debate where she defended her feminist positions, Daniela was faced by an angry imam who praised poligamy, gender apartheid and the mandatory veil. This imam has recently affirmed that “all the mayors have the duty to build mosques”. Last day, Santanchè has received a letter from London, in which she is threatened with death. The letter contains photos of Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and states: “We will get rid of you”. Santanchè lives accompained by bodyguards since these sad events.

Magdi Allam: Santanchè, minacce per la battaglia anti-velo

Daniela Santanchè

Freedom for Egyptians reminds us that the Washington DC rally in support of detained Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem is to be held today. For more info, click here and if you are living near Washington, you may want to join the rally.

Cindy Sheehan & co. in Cuba (idols of the MSM) refuse to visit Cuban political prisoners , saying that they don’t give a d..n about the human rights violations by the Castroite regime.

As of recently, a friend – a freelance writer – went to Cuba and she was able to interview people without the regime’s consent. She also interviewed two independent journalists, one of which was victim of a brutal aggression by Castroite mob during a peaceful march in honor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dec 10, 2006. Read her new article here. It’s a must-read.

Cuban dissident deported from Bolivia to Colombia after criticizing Morales

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer información sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Miembros del Movimiento Femenino Martha Abreu, de Santa Clara, Villa Clara, distribuyeron literatura censurada por el Gobierno, en respuesta a las orientaciones del Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes y en contra de los 48 años de dictadura comunista. La actividad se realize el pasado 2 de enero en las calles de los Repartos Oeste y Virginia de la ciudad de Santa Clara. Se repartieron Boletines de Mar por Cuba; de Plantados hasta la libertad y la democracia en Cuba; del Comité Cubano de Derechos Humanos; folletos Cuba: un analisis social, económico y politico actual; La economía cubana de hoy; Salvación o condenación; la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos; Para Cuba ya es hora y Yo no coopero con la dictadura.

The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society’s Martha Beatriz Roque sent the following pics, showing the delivery of products to poor Cubans by members of the Assembly. The products are sent by the exile groups based in Miami.Please, notice how these people are not afraid to sign opposition documents, nor to reveal their names, even though they may risk jail or high fines. This shows once again that the opposition movements is growing more and more popular, despite all efforts by the regime to discredite it. This is the true Cuban people, not those who participate to the infamous repudiation acts.

Copy of the Assembly document signed by the lady.

Former political prisoner and independent librarian Miguel Vazquez Tamayo delivers products to the poor lady, who signs the document.

Another resident receives the products and signs the Assembly document confirming that he has received the items.

This man and his daughter asked to go to a photo reporter’s house. They said they feel ashamed to show the bad conditions they live in. The man shows the Assembly document he signed.

Martha Beatriz also sent us a report (here, in Spanish) about a poor young Cuban couple who suffers from the HIV disease. They don’t have a house, so they sleep in an empty house and the regime wants to kick them out of there. The woman is only 16-years old and is not known if her baby also has been infected with HIV. Martha sent us a couple of photos and the original documents of the regime’s authorities (here and here), who still refuse to assist the poor couple and even imposed a very high fine. The couple sent  to Martha a letter, asking for help. The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society has given the couple half of the money needed to pay the fine. The money were politely donated by the exile groups.

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