Dhimmi Jimmy Carter at it again: “Palestinian missiles not terrorism”

Google Earth reveals anti-Israel sentiments, labels Temple Mount Palestinian

Former U.N. Oil-for-Food Chief Benon Sevan Indicted Over Bribes From Saddam’s Regime

Proof that the Islamification of Britain is not just right-wing hysteria

Sentenza vergognosa della Cassazione. Se a commettere delitti efferati è un immigrato clandestino, avrà attenuanti. Della serie: venite pure in Italia, clandestini: uccidete pure, stuprate ragazze, tanto il giudice fesso italiano a voi vi perdona. Quindi anche il signor Azzouz può anche vendicarsi ed uccidere un pò di italiani, tanto – diversamente dai coniugi assassini italiani – lui sarà perdonato. Che schifo.

The latest Saudi insanity: Saudis May Ban Letter ‘X’

Censorship in the name of “global warming”. Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

Index of Economic Freedom: Italy ranked 60th, behind Uganda . Italy’s diseases described in a few lines. Then you’ll realize why I am moving to the U.S. within 2 years and a half. The labor market operates under restrictive employment regulations that hinder employment and productivity growth. The non-salary cost of employing a worker is very high, and dismissing a redundant employee can be costly. Rules on expanding or contracting the number of work hours are rigid. Unemployed individuals receive benefits for up to 180 days (270 days if over 50 years of age), and an average worker receives about 40 percent of his or her salary in benefits

Once again, unscrupulous people steal parts of monuments of Iran’s historical and 4000plus-year-old heritage. This has nothing to do with the Islamic republic. The parts stolen belong BY RIGHT and BY HISTORY to Iran. Pls, read the important note before the article here.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Realizan Misa en Cuba al opositor Miguel Valdés

Below, a photo showing a group of dissidents and Ladies in White, outside of the cemetery where Miguel Valdés Tamayo was buried. Near the Lady in White Laura Pollan (with the white hat) is Miguel’s wife. The man sitting is our good friend, the independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira, who sent us these photos.

Opositores y Damas de Blanco en la capilla central del cementerio de Colon en la Habana, tras la realización de la misa por el eterno descanso del opositor Miguel Valdés Tamayo. En la foto de izq. a der.: Las Damas de Blanco Laura Pollán Toledo; Clara Lourdes Prieto Llorente y Barbara Eliza Collazo Portilla, viuda de Miguel Valdez Tamayo; Isabel Ramos, madre del preso político Arturo Suarez Ramos, parte de la Dirección del Movimiento Liberal Cubano (MLC) encabezado por su presidente León Padrón Azcuy; la periodista independiente Maria Elena Alpizar Ariosa; Ariana Montoya Aguilar, miembro del Grupo de Apoyo a las Damas de Blanco, activista del Partido Liberal de Cuba; agachado el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira.

Damas de Blanco Caminan por la Quinta Avenida en la Habana y Rinden Homenaje Póstumo a Miguel Valdés

First from left, Miguel (RIP)

De izquierda a derecha: Miguel Valdés Tamayo, Preso de Conciencia del grupo de los 75, fallecido en la Habana, el pasado 10 d e enero, del 2007; Margarito Broche Espinoza, del grupo de los 75 y con licencia extrapenal y Carmelo Díaz Fernández, sindicalista independiente del grupo de los 75.

De izquierda a derecha: Miguel Valdés Tamayo; Aurelio Bachiller Álvarez, Secretario general de la Confederación Obrera Nacional Independiente de Cuba (CONIC) y Carmelo Díaz Fernández, sindicalista independiente.

4 Responses to

  1. no2liberals says:

    I can’t imagine the pain in your heart, in making the decision to leave your homeland. I had no idea that the socialist dysfunction had consumed Italy so thoroughly.

  2. freethoughts says:

    J, I don’t feel any pain in my heart. Although I love Italy for the food and the place where I was born, the rest (politics, the general mentality of the Italians) does not make me proud.
    I have two cousins who went elsewhere (in Sheffield, UK) to work as engineer because they couldn’t find a damn job here. Now one works and earns a lot, and the other is studying his post-graduation master. If you ask many Italians who recently went to the U.S., they will tell you the same as me.

    And I will tell you something: when I will move to America, I will apply for the US citizenship.

  3. no2liberals says:

    That’s what America has meant to so many who have come here, opportunity.
    It isn’t perfect here, and we have the same leftist as you, but they haven’t taken control and ruined the dream…yet. It’s an ongoing struggle, and your energy in fighting them, while you fulfill your dreams will be welcome.

  4. kabababrubarta says:

    Nice design! kabababrubarta

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