Palestinian terrorists strike again in Israel and kill 3 people. No matter how much innocent blood, our leaders are not going to stop filling the terror groups’ pockets with the taxpayers’ money.

Britain’s very big problem: 40% of British Muslims want Sharia

Magdi Allam: Europa e Islam, la generazione degli estremisti. La ricerca pubblicata dal «Daily Telegraph». Religione, politica e società: quasi il 40% preferisce la sharia alle leggi britanniche. I giovani figli di immigrati che vivono in Gran Bretagna sono più radicali dei loro padri. Il 74% vuole il velo per le donne, il 46% approva la poligamia. E il 7% ammira Al Qaeda

Bruce Bawer: Europe’s Stockholm Syndrome

Newt Gingrich’s remarks at the 7th Herzliya Conference in Israel last week

Magdi Allam: Tv nascoste in moschea L’imam: sharia in Italia

More evidence showing that American capitalism works and why its model should be practiced in Europe, too. US Economy Grows 3.5 Percent

Plato’s Republic or Milton Friedman’s Market?.Milton Friedman got it right, and Plato got it wrong. A new survey looks at policies designed to address all of the ills that economists and others have identified with markets — monopoly power, imperfect information, externalities, and so on. It finds that government tends to make things worse, not better

Weekly Standard: Ten years after Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule, democracy is being stifled

Democratic Directorate: Signs in Cuba call for change

Roby González Torres: Conmemoran aniversario del apóstol

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Víctima de Agresión Física Opositor en Cuba

De der. a izq.: El opositor al gobierno de Cuba, Jorge Luis Quicutis Romero, víctima de agresión física en la Habana, a cuya acción ha sido vinculada la Policía Política del gobierno interino de Raúl Castro. A su lado, el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira.

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