U.S. says would not extradite CIA agents to Italy . The US did the right thing

Discover the Network: The Radical Face of Palestinian “Moderation” . Mahmoud Abbas’s political resume is replete with lies, deceit, and praise for the sacrifices of “the martyrs.”

Magdi Allam, Il Corriere della Sera: No Dialogue With Those Who Refuse to Recognise Israel

Magdi Allam: Minacce a Nosheen, aiuta le pachistane a studiareHa 24 anni, vive a Carpi, fa parte della Commissione pari opportunità

Why am I supporting Giuliani? Not because he’s an Italian-American,but because he has the right ideas on foreign and domestic policy.In my opinion, he’s the best of the GOP candidates for 2008.

Gender equality, Islamist-style . And two more ‘honor’ killings in Pakistan.

Sen. Brownback: Genocide Won’t Be Tolerated in Darfur . International court names first suspects to be accused of war crimes in Darfur

Boston Globe: The blogger and the pharaoh . An Egyptian blogger wrote a comment telling me of this video about the real nature of the Mubarak’s regime and its repressive methods used to imprison liberal-minded and secular bloggers and dissidents like Abdel Kareem or Ayman Nour.

Free Thoughts scares the Chinese censors! This blog is censored in China. Type this blog’s url into this site and see by yourself.

World Court faults Serbia in genocide

Hasta La Vista, Free Speech.Hugo Chávez consolidates his hold on Venezuela’s media

Nearly Two Dozen Cubans fled Castro’s Cuba and land in Key West, Florida.

Veteran anti-Batista and anti-Castro freedom fighter dies in Miami.He fought alongside Castro during the revolution against Batista, but was one of the many revolutionaries who were not communist and who fought to restore democracy instead of establishing communism. Chanes de Armas with President Bush.


15 Responses to

  1. Giuliani? No, no…. John McCain! 😉

  2. J.Doe says:

    I personally don’t care if Giuliani is Italian American or not, but he is liberal on many issues I support, such as a woman’s right to chose abortion and supports gun control. He is also strong on foreign policy unlike all the other candidates that share my views, so in my opinion he is the best candidate.

  3. no2liberals says:

    I could never support Rudy or John.
    On a more personal note, I sure hope that volcano on Sicily didn’t have a negative impact on you, and where you live.

  4. freethoughts says:

    Andrea, capisco. Ma come mai?

    J. Doe, I agree.

    No2liberals: I respect your opinion. I guess you would pick Newt, and so do I. But given that he has not chances to be nominated, I prefer Rudy. And, he is the one who would beat both Hillary and Obama. Unless we don’t care if Dems take over the White House.

  5. MaxArt says:

    Great site that TheGreatWallOfChina.org. Curiously, a site like coxandforkum.com is not blocked.

    What Chavez is doing in Venezuela is scary. Here in Italy some people whine because a TV channel (Rete4) *is* broadcasting, and they’re not aware of this luck.
    Ironically, there’s a poster on the streets of Pisa, made probably by that kind of people, reminding that the path to horror is paved with “I didn’t know”. Well, it’s time for them to learn what’s going on in Venezuela.

    P.S.: sai che forse ho una parentela alla lontana con Giuliani? 😛

  6. freethoughts says:

    Max, spiegami. Parentela, in che senso?

  7. Hi! Please grab anti-Olmert’s Purim buttons from http://samsonblinded.org/blog/purim_banners.htm
    The buttons are free and could be hotlinked. Let’s make some fun of Olmert!

  8. Michele says:

    D’accordissimo sulla scela pro Giuliani. Mi sembra infatti il nome giusto per salvaguardare da un lato la politica estera usa in merito a dittature ed estremismo islamico (ritirarsi adesso sarebbe non un errore ma un crimine) , dall’altro per correggere l’oscena deriva teocogliona in ambito interno che ha trasformato un autentico partito della Libertà (altro che berlusconi e i 4 stronzetti che ha intorno) , i repubblicani americani, nello sgabuzzino di fanatici religiosi fuori dalla realtà.

  9. freethoughts says:

    Michele, sono d’accordo, anche se Giuliani non è l’unico non teocon nel partito repubblicano.

    Eugene, great idea. Well done!

  10. Michele says:

    Si d’accordo Stefania, ciò non toglie che negli ultimi 10 anni all’interno del GOP si sia creato un clima culturale totalmente contrario alla sua storia. La lebbra teocon ha contaminato la politica americana impossessandosi del Partito Repubblicano e preparandosi a invadere il Partito Democratico attraverso Obama che, pochi l’hanno capito o rimarcato, è un teocon a tutti gli effetti. Ben vengano i Giuliani e tutti coloro che riporteranno i repubblicani alla sua grande tradizione che va da Lincoln a Reagan.

  11. freethoughts says:

    Esatto. Viva la politica Usa. 😉

  12. Mike H. says:

    If I want to buy a pistol I don’t want to be required to write to Washington D.C. to get permission. Anyone who is against my owning a weapon is worried that there might be resistance when they try to take over. When one makes the law, one doesn’t have to follow the law, witness congress.

  13. MaxArt says:

    Stefania, la mia parentela si limita ad una mia prozia, di cognome Giuliani, che ha avuto parenti emigrati negli Stati Uniti. Non ho mai approfondito la questione, però.

  14. freethoughts says:

    Mike H: I agree with you. It’s one of the few points I disagree with Giuliani. My choice is still between him and Newt. I’m unsure.

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