A must-read piece on Italy’s war on the war on terror. The Italian Job – What good is NATO if allies indict Americans after a joint operation?

The British are still sleeping: Half of Muslim schools not inspected

Thinking again, I’ve to say I’m quite undecided whether to endorse Giuliani or Newt Gingrich. I admit I know more about Newt’s foreign policy line than I do about Giuliani’s and as far as I know, I am sympathetic to the first’s positions. At first, I gave up endorsing him because of his being still undecided whether to run and because of the not-so-favorable polls. But, from now to one month before the elections, much can still happen. Would he beat Mrs. Clinton or Obama? Maybe or maybe not. We’ll see. He is still on the list of my picks. I recommend you to go this interview. Make It Work: America, The War & The World

In Iran, another woman risks execution for defending herself from her father’s sex assaults. She was also sexually abused by her uncle.

Islamists bomb music stores and barber shops in Pakistan

Gazan Islamic fundamentalist group suspected of killing prostitutes

While the Continent sleeps, Islam Could Become Europe’s Dominant Religion

Two other articles by Magdi Allam translated in English from Italian: Mixed Marriages? Sharia is already in our midst . Threats to Nosheen, who helps Pakistani women to study

Giuliani’s Lead Widens

An interesting and must-see documentary on UK’s Channel Four about the inconvenient truths about global warming the mainstream media and many others don’t want you to know.The Great Global Warming Swindle . the documentary highlights recent research that the effect of the sun’s radiation on the atmosphere may be a better explanation for the regular swings of climate. the earth’s climate is always changing, and that rapid warmings and coolings took place long before the burning of fossil fuels.

Egyptian politics.Does Mubarak share U.S. goals?

Cuban couple gets maximum sentence for spying exiles and U.S. authorities for Castro.

Distribuyeron Literatura Antigubernamentales Opositores Santaclareños

No Se Detiene en Cuba Campaña Yo No Coopero Con La Dictadura

La Fotografía muestra pegatinas de yo Coopero con la Dictadura en la puerta de la vivienda del periodista independiente Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia , en calle Gloria No. 769 apto 4 entre Carmen y Rastro , la Habana Vieja. En dicha fotografía aparece de derecha a izquierda , la señora Margarita Albacia , madre del comunicador Ahmed ,el periodista Carlos Serpa  Maceira , y el periodista Ahmed Rodríguez

Patentizan Sindicalistas Independientes Respaldo a la Campaña Yo no Coopero con la Dictadura

Activistas del Sindicato Independiente de los Trabajadores de la Industria Ligera (SITIL) realizando una vigilia en la Habana en respaldo a la Campaña  de No Cooperación con la Dictadura y por la libertad de los Presos Políticos en Cuba , especialmente por los 7 sindicalistas que se encuentran en prision

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