Another article on Italy’s indictment of 25 CIA agents on charges of taking an Islamist thug into custody and sending him back to Egypt: Europe’s Runaway Prosecutions

Not everyone in the world has gone nuts.

A must-read: The Last Flight of Lieutenant Landaker (h/t: no 2 liberals )

A government of irresponsible idiots. This is the current Italian government, whose foreign minister is ‘worried’ because the Unites States attack the Taliban strongholds and a communist member of the government openly compares the American military actions to the Nazis. Tony Snow promptly replied by calling those words ‘unacceptable’ . Read the story here. The war on the Taliban must go on. NATO launches offensive against Taliban

Carlo Panella: I radicali alleati di governo con chi dice ”americani come nazisti”. Ce lo spiegate, per favore?

Unlike the Europeans, the American people is politically mature when it comes to support good against evil: Poll: More Americans pro-Israeli

Dimitri Buffa: Israele è sempre colpevole i terroristi sono sempre “militanti”

Oslo Muslims Six Times More Likely to Rape

Il Giornale: il curriculum vitae del ”martire” abu Omar

Another innocent victim of Sharia in Saudi Arabia: Gang-rape victim faces lashes

Yet another victim of Putin’s neo-authoritarian regime.

11 more Cuban refugees land in Florida

I always said that communists are the worse hypocrits: Maradona hit by Argentine tax probe

The luxury life of the Castro family. See by yourself how communists enjoy the good life while millions of Cubans can barely eat.

Jaime Leygonier: PLAN GUBERNAMENTAL DE DESALOJOS. Madre Duerme en el Parque Con Sus Hijas Pequeñas

Violent search and arrest at the headquarters of the Democratic Party 30 of November Frank Pais. 3 members of the Democratic Party 30 of November Frank País charged while other members continue protest outside the police station.

Comunicado del Movimiento Liberal Cubano en el Occidente del País.

Bibliotecarios reunidos en la sede de la Biblioteca Independiente Feliz Varela, del Colegio de Pedagogos Independientes de Cuba en la Habana, analizando el Manuel del Bibliotecario Independiente elaborado por el Proyecto de Bibliotecas Independientes de Cuba, con e asesoramiento de la Universidad de Jackson Mississippi, Estados Unidos.

Pinturas de niños y jóvenes, expuestos actualmente en la Biblioteca Independiente Féliz Varela, del Colegio de Pedagogos Independientes de Cuba, en la Habana. Se destacan en las pinturas un cuadro dedicado a Las Damas de Blanco, la bandera nacional de Cuba y el Apóstol José Martí, la Catedral de la Habana y la Libertad.

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