There have been two large protests in Iran; a Teachers’ demonstration, which took place last week and another one, by women protesting the official Gender Apartheid policy. Numerous people were arrested, including many female demonstrators, who were savagelly beaten. Yet, no word from the democratic world, which is focusing on the nuclear issue as if the Iranian people did not exist and as if the real problem was not the regime that owns such weapons. The free world must support the Iranian society: students, workers, women and teachers, instead of promoting separatist terrorism (sadly, I see many blogs embracing the ’cause’ of separatism, which is something firmly opposed by the vast majority of the Iranians) or fake ‘dissidents’ promoted by some ‘scholars’ that haven’t yet realized that such individuals are not at all real dissidents.

Having said that, just below are photos of the women’s demonstration which took place this and – more below- the one held by the teachers some days ago.

Some of the women arrested

Teachers’ demonstration

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