Multiculturalism and Islam: suicide of the West and women’s rights. So-called “dialogue with the Islamic world” and juridical relativism on marriage and polygamy play havoc with the dignity of women and equality between sexes. The Koran: it’s o.k. to beat women.

Multiculturalismo e Islam: suicidio dell’occidente e dei diritti delle donne.Il cosiddetto “dialogo con il mondo islamico” e il relativismo giuridico su matrimonio e poligamia gettano al macero la dignità della donna e la sua uguaglianza con l’uomo. Il Corano : picchiare la donna è giusto.

Daniel Pipes on Tariq Ramadan’s allegations against Magdi Allam.

Daniel Pipes: Tariq Ramadan mente [riguardo a Magdi Allam]

Dismissing the claims of those who fault the human being for the global warming. Channel 4’s “The Great Global Warming Swindle” documentary can now be seen here.

Spain discovers to be still a target of the Islamists even after pullout from Iraq.

There is still hope in Eurabia. Some good news from Sweden.

Magdi Allam: Islam, la moschea «moderata» di Milano

Amil Imani: Is America a Bully?

Giornata della donna a Teheran nel segno della repressione

The Iraq Talks

Miss Israel finalist quits after family’s honour killing plot

Freedom for Egyptian writes has an interesting post on the Egyptian Blogger Abdel Kareem.

Why the movie “300” should be boycotted by those who love historical truth. There are two petitions protesting the insult to the great Persian civilization by the movie “300”. I recommend you to go read them and, if you agree, sign them. That movie isn’t only an insult to the Persian civilization: it’s an insult to the HISTORICAL TRUTH. It’s  on the line of other insults, such as when the MSM calls the Persian Gulf as “Gulf” or, worse, “Arab Gulf” or when unscrupulous and fame-seeking ‘scholars’ put in doubt and danger the Iranian territorial integrity. A History Channel documentary tells things as they are. Among which: Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from Babylon; the Persians NEVER enslaved the peoples they conquered. Cyrus had issued the first Declaration of Human Rights. Also, remember; the Persian Empire was not Muslim. The Islamic invaders did their best to destroy any track of the Persian civilization. Don’t mix the Great Persian Empire with the Islamic Republic. The first was a Great NON-ISLAMIC civilization and the second is an ARAB IMPORT imposed on Iran by force.  The Islamic Republic and its “revolution” are enemy of the Persian civilization and what it has meant. It’s not suprising that, on the footsteps of the Taliban, the Mullahs are planning the flooding of the Sivand Dam, which would automatically destroy the site near the tomb of Cyrus the Great. A mankind’s heritage. Aryamehr wrote a post related to this movie. Again: the Islamic Republic is the enemy of the Iranian nation. It’s an invading force that will be defeated soone or later.

‘Logros de la revolucion’: Sin agua potable la ciudad de Manzanillo

State of emergency in Santiago de Cuba

Golpeado Por Seguridad del Estado Periodista Independiente Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

The picture just below shows a Cuban girl with her parents. The young girl suffers from brain cancer but cannot be treated in Cuba thanks to the apartheid established by the Castros’ revolution. Indeed, foreigners can enjoy the best treatment in luxurious hospital. All that is denied to the ordinary Cubans, and this girl risks to die because of this. You would say: “Her parents could bring her to America to receive treatment”. But, you know, Cubans have to ask the state for permission to leave their country even temporarily. There is no freedom of movement for ordinary Cubans. The photo was sent in by Dr. Darsi Ferrer in Havana.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Inauguran Biblioteca Sindical Independiente Mario Chanes de Armas

Realizan vigilia en Cuba en memoria del ex preso político Mario Chanes

6 Responses to

  1. Hello, Stefania:
    I think you should read this report regarding Spain and Jihadi terrorism:
    In fact we are now more menaced than … THREE YEARS AGO. Anyone knows the reason? I don’t have to think very hard…

  2. freethoughts says:

    Lady, no cabe duda de que la amenaza islamista no ha cesado pese al retiro de los militares españoles por orden de Zapatero. Yo y tú sabemos esto, pero la mayoria de las personas en Italia, por ejemplo, aún creen que si no hacemos la guerra a las terroristas, estaremos en paz. Hay que cambiar la mentalidad de muchos europeos, pero hay que tener paciencia por qué las cosas no se cambian en un solo día.

    Pero espero que cuando las cosas van a cambiar, no será ya muy tarde. Mientras, tengamos fé.

  3. serendip says:

    I agree in full with your regarding the movie “300”. If Frank Miller is so concerned about Islamic extermism then why pick a bone with a civilization that was literally wiped off the map by Islam? Does he even know Islam as a religion did not even exist back then and it came along several centuries later in the area. It is as if I say Alexander the Great or Macedonians were Christians while there was no such a religion…It’s indeed a sad irony…

  4. J.Doe says:

    Humans causing global warming seems to be more of a political issue than a scientific one based on facts. You have some scientists claiming that humans are all at fault and others claiming that humans have little or no effect on it. Although only the ones that claim it has no effect receive death threats and are ridiculed. It’s not fair. Nobody is interested in the facts anymore.

  5. freethoughts says:

    Serendip, very well said.

    Hai ragione, Joe.

  6. […] is even a page calling for international defense of the archaeological sites of the Pasargade. h/t Stefania, who has also blogged about the protests people have made in Iran about this artistic crime. In her […]

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