Independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira sent me the following beautiful photos showing some Ladies in White marching in Havana last Sunday, marking the 4th anniversary of the crackdown on 75 peaceful dissidents.

The Ladies give gladioluses to people in the streets of Havana. The Cuban people learned to know and love them, that they even ask them how their loved ones are doing.

Plainclothes agents of the political police did not refrain from provoking the Ladies, by putting propaganda outside the house of Laura Pollan (pictured above). The banner below calls for the release of five Castroite spies convicted in the US for spying on an exile organization and provoking the death of an activist in Miami.

More Castroite propaganda: the flag of the movement which brought Castro into power (the very same movement Castro betrayed, by establishing communism instead of free elections, that was the original goal of the movement, which was not communist..)

The Italian activists who went to Cuba to show solidarity to the Ladies. Among them was the daughter of a Christian-Democratic leader assassinated by the Red Brigades in the 1970s.

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