Dozens of Algerian illegal aliens are flooding into the south-western coast of Sardinia. The secret services are warning that there exist the risk that terrorist cells can infiltrate the flow of immigrants.

Please ask UNESCO to save Pasargad from the imminent destruction by the Islamic Republic regime

Lotfan az UNESCO bekhahid Pasargad raa nejat dahad


  1. Matt says:

    Stefania, I don’t know why but my browser is having an extremely tough time scrolling up and down your blog (and it’s just your blog, any other site is fine). I don’t why, (I’m using Opera, btw) maybe I’d like to think you’re getting excess traffic 🙂 . Anyway, good round of links. I can’t stand to scroll back up to comment on each one, like I normally do, so I’ll just comment on the one about the British gov’t stopping “War on Terrror.” I’d personally prefer something else that identifies whom specifically we’re fighting. However, I love how the one spokesman said it [the phrase] makes them feel bigger and more important than they really are. Ok, so another bomb attack in London wouldn’t make them reconsider? Also, you guys are finally having problems with illegal aliens, too? *Sarcasm* Don’t you know that they just want to be a part of Italy and are just hard working? *Sarcasm off*

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