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El Salvador President Tony Saca: No Relations with Undemocratic Cuba

Enviado por Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: UNA ACLARACIÓN NECESARIA

Martha Beatriz Roque was waiting for some Portuguese journalists at her home, when she got a phone call from a man who intentified himself as agent of the State Security and immediately threatened with death and with being thrown in jail again. How you can see below, her response has been courageous and she wasn’t afraid at all. The following is a translation by Val of the exact text of the conversation as was sent to my email directly from Martha.

On April 17, 2007 I recieved death threats via telephone in an attempt to force me to stop appearing on Radio Marti and so that I would not allow a visit from three Potugese journalists to my home.
At three in the afternoon, I had just finished recording an interview with Maria Marquez of Radio Marti on part three of my essay titled “Two Faces of a Coin.”
The journalists from RTP (Radio y Televisión Portuguesa), Sandra Filgueiras y Bruno de Jesús, had called at ten til 4, ten meetings before our scheduled meeting, and informed that the Cuban Center for International Media had called on them and ordered them to meet with the Vice Minister of Foreign Relations in twenty minutes time, which prevented our meeting. I took a call I had waiting on the phone and when the man began to threaten me, I reacted and recorded the following: Voice: Martha you are putting your life in danger. You will be encarcerated once again..

Martha Beatriz: Si, no, no, no problem. If I have to go back to jail, Ill go back to jail. You know that this here is however the Cuban government wants it to be, so it makes no difference to me.

Voice: It makes no difference to you, right Martha?

Martha Beatriz: Exactly the same. Anything else?

Voice: You want me to put you in a cold prison cell, Martha?

Martha Beatriz: A cold prison cell? Sure. No problem.

Voice: Yes Martha, you will fall into (be put into) that one. ¿No?

Martha Beatriz: You have that ability?

Voice: Of course I do.

Martha Beatriz: Ah bueno!!!!

Voice: You are speaking to someone from State Security.

Martha Beatriz: Ah! Im speaking to someone from Sate Security, then you shouldnt have any problems (in encarcerating her)

Voice: You hear me Martha? Be careful, be careful.

Martha Beatriz: Soon you will hear your voice on Radio Martí.

Voice: Yeah, Martha.

Martha Beatriz: Did you hear me?

Voice: Yes. Oh! You recorded this?

Martha Beatriz: Of course, arent you threatening my life? I have to record it so people can hear.

Voice: ¡Ah! Ok Martha. Ok..

Martha Beatriz: Bueno, it’s been a pleasure.

Voice: One of these days you’re going to go through hell, Martha.

Martha Beatriz: Bueno, whenever you want.

Today, April 18th I learned that the Portuguese jounalists had been detained twice, even with their proper accreditations.

Since my telephone is bugged by the political police, and proof of this is that the Cuban Government has aired my private telephone conversations on the Mesa Redonda tv show, there is no doubt that the person that threatened me is well informed and “ready for effect.”

The tape recording is available to anyone who wishes to hear it.

About the illegitimate arrest and conviction of Cuban independent journalist and human rights activist to 4 years in jail. Reporters Sans Frontiéres condemns the sentence: Journalist sentenced to four years in prison as “pre-criminal social danger”.Democratic Directorate:  Independent Journalist Perseveres Despite Racism, Repression .

Cuba imprisons journalist, calling him a `social danger’. A dissident Cuban journalist was sentenced to four years in prison after a one-day trial without a defense lawyer

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, presidente del Movimiento Independiente Opción Alternativa: Las ideas ni se encarcelan ni se matan

Oscar Sanchez Madan

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Damas de Blanco realizan Te Literario 47

Reclaman en la Habana Libertad sin Destierro para los Presos Políticos Cubanos

Exhiben en Isla de Pinos DVD con el Programa Enterate del GAD. “Estamos necesitado de recibir información alternativa y sin censura, y el programa Enterate es muy dinámico, promueve la avidez entre los televidentes”, indicó Janet Rodríguez, una joven estudiante de medicina. “Estamos cansado de la propaganda que emite la Televisión Cubana”, dijo Odalis Serrano, una ama de casa

Ramón , Bárbara y Rufina : Escriben con letras mayúsculas la libertad y la democracia en Cuba

En el Parque Central de la Habana, junto a la estatua del Apóstol José Martí, aparecen de der. a izq. Bárbara González Cruz, esposa del periodista encarcelado en Cuba, Ramón Velásquez Toranzo, el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira, y Rufina Velásquez González, hija del confinado


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