Whenever I see such things, I think we should give the Nobel Prize to the Iranian women for their courage to resist Islamic misogyny and the imposition of the Islamic “dress code”. A friend in Iran sent me the following videoclip showing a maverick Iranian girl fighting back against the attempt of a black ninja (Islamist Bassiji and Hezbollah militiawomen) to arrest her over her “non-respect of Islamic dress code”. Please, don’t miss to see the videoclip and don’t forget that this is not the first time a woman defends herself against the Islamists in Iran. Also posted at Publius Pundit.

There’s another a video of a very brave Iranian woman who took off the imposed Islamic dress in protest against the Islamic Republic occupying Iran – fellow bystanders urge her to put her clothes on fearing for her safety, as she is showing herself wearing a bra in public in a street of Tehran. You won’t believe it. Just take a look. One needs to have guts to do such a courageous protest action.. This is a form of exasperation and direct result of misogyny.  Also posted at Publius Pundit.


  1. olga says:

    My favorite is the first girl kicking the ‘black crow’. You have to love it when the oppressors get back what they dish out. The girl in the bra is very brave, maybe even foolish, but should be protected by her fellow citizens,

  2. Matt says:

    Brave, indeed.

  3. lisistrata says:

    poverette, questi mascalzoni stanno rovinando loro la vita. Se va avanti così fra un po’ sentiremo parlare di tanti suicidi.

  4. freethoughts says:

    Olga, the more appropriate word I should use in this case, referring to the female Islamists, is “black crow”. I was committing a spelling error.

    Lisistrata: di suicidi ce ne sono stati e ce ne sono tuttora tanti tra i giovani iraniani. Il problema è che non fanno notizia. Ma oltre ai suicidi, c’è la scelta di rifugiarsi nella droga e nell’alcol per cercare di “sfuggire” all’oppressione.

    Insomma, una situazione abbastanza triste.

  5. annonomious says:

    i hope she is not arrested by the sadists at iranian jails. when i was 11 years old i used to live at iran with my mom a 38 year old widow who was quiet mordern but when the islamists came to power they imposed so many rules and one day she was picked from the street for protesting the regime and not wearing islamic she was a widow they picked me up too with her and stuffed us at the back of a van. they stuffed my mothers mouth with some big dirty rag and used a thick piece of leather strap inbetween her teeth and tightely tied the cords behind her head making it painful for het and make her silent.they took us to the infamious central jail and take her to the women prisoners cell and forced her to strip off her clothes.wearing only panty and bra her hands were tied behind her back and they throw us into a crowded cell where 8 other woman prisoner were kept……5 of them were like my mother wering bra and panty and tightely gagged and bound. the rest 3 were possibly convicted criminels and they soon started cursing us out. we helplessly waited there for 4/5 hour then 3 islamist woman came with some rubber hose and dragged the gagged bound helpless women out and beat them at thir bottom mercilessly for not obeying the rules. the woman were making mgggffffffff sounds through the tight gag’s which only make the sadists happy to beat them more. after that they told the other 3 criminal woman that these 5 woman are thers to enjoy.these vile criminel woman then take one by one political prisoner woman and all night long sexuelly abused them.late in the morning those sadist guards came again and took mother and the rest political preisoner women out walked them gagged and bound infront of male prisoners and then told them they will be taken to court for trial. soon their hands were untied and they were given a burkha to put over the bra panty but their mouth were still gagged. they took them in a room where 5 judges were waiting on a table and after 5 minutes of hearing they sentenced them for 3 month jail for not wearing modest dress. i was crying and didnot know what to do but the judges told the guards to keep me with mother in the same cell so they dragged us back into the compound and took these helpless ladies and make them undress to their bra panty and stuffed them gaggde and bound again on the same cell they were before.the next three month was nothing but nightmere for me and mother and the rest 4 political prisoner woman. there were around 200-250 of these helpless woman at that wing gagged bound and often abused , at night at times some male islamofasists would snick in and at threat of beating forced these woman to perform oral ex and even sometimes they were sodomijed. after three month beaten and broken of her will they let mother come home , after that she managed to flee iran and take refuge in a western country.

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