Cuban dissident leader Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello had announced her participation to a silent sit-in in the town of Camaguey, in order to show solidarity to the wife of a prisoner of conscience who’s demanding Habeas Corpus for her husband. Martha got another harassing phone call from an official of the State Security who this time provocatively asked her how much Bush pays her. She bravely answered: “The same you get from Chavez for keeping things as they’re.[..] I tell you something: we’re doing our activities for the Cuban people you hate”. You can listen to her voice report, including a few seconds of that conversation she recorded, here.

Here are photos of the sit-in in Camaguey (click to enlarge)

Two more Cuban players defect. The two young soccer players were in Houston, Texas, along with Cuba’s team and they’re believed to have escaped to Miami. One of them is already in Miami and released a short interview in which he said that in Cuba they didn’t see the fruit of their work and used to earn $10 per month.

Darsi Ferrer sobre su sequestro por parte de la policia politica: Gestapo Tropical

Chilean Senate Condemns the Violation of Human Rights by the Governments of Cuba and Venezuela

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya: Respuesta Enérgica de Dignos y Valientes Cubanos frente a la actitud del Gobierno Español

Darsi Ferrer: Oficiales del Ministerio del Interior Hostigan a Hija de Opositor

El partido 30 de Noviembre, realizó una actividad en las calles del reparto Garrido de la provincia de Camagüey este 7 de Junio

Aini Martin Valero: Reunión de Presidentes // Movimiento opositor realiza vigilia// Se unen movimientos diversos en actividad

Boicotear las ‘elecciones’ del régimen es desobediencia civil contra el totalitarismo


  1. No sé si te enteraste de esto sobre el estado de salud de GUIDO Sigler Amaya: 😦
    No lo he traducido pero creo que lo entenderás…

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