June 24, 2007

He dreams of a North Africa populated solely by Arabs, supports genocide against non-Arabs in Darfur, discriminates his subjects based on their ethnicity, including Berbers, but apparently the increasingly insignificant United Nations couldn’t care less and thinks that, after serving as head of the ‘Human Rights’ Commission, Qaddhafi is going to teach us lessons on racism.


June 24, 2007

Global Pedophile Ring Investigation Nets 700 Suspects, Rescues 31 children.

Interview with Tunisian human rights activist Abu Khawla

June 24, 2007

My interview with Tunisian human rights activist Abu Khawla

Tell us more about your commitment as human right activist. 

  • As you mentioned, I’m a Tunisian academic and Human Rights activist. From 1996 to 2000 , I’ve been Secretary General and then President of the Tunisian Section of Amnesty International. Later, I moved to the Persian Gulf region where I presently reside. Over the past three years my activity shifted to writing. I am published on the leading Arab liberal website and some of my essays are posted in the English section of Midde East Transparent, as well. Elaph has more than 400 thousand readers per day. I deal with as different topics as women’s rights and modernization in the Islamic world, the Palestinian issue, and economic development , that is my field of specialization. The Internet means freedom to me, indeed. I write with a pen name because of professional obligations. I also continue my Human Rights work.

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