El golpista, Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez calls for war with the United States and counts on his pals in Havana, Managua, Tehran, Tripoli, La Paz, Tora Bora..

El ‘presidente’ golpista venezolano Hugo Chávez amenaza a los Estados Unidos con desatar una guerra de ‘resistencia’.

4 Responses to MINI-ME BARKS

  1. freethoughts says:

    I saw that, God Bless Lech Walesa.

  2. Matt says:

    He’ll have to deal with the Venezuelan people before he deals with us, unless he screws up and kills American military personnel (I don’t think we have any in there) or State Dept. personnnel and declares “a state of war” like Noriega did in ’89. Speaking of cara de pña, he’s getting released in September.

  3. Antievil says:

    A view from the Other side,

    How Chavez “El Golpista” changed life in the tribal territories

    Article 119: The “multiethnic, multicultural and multilingual” state recognises the rights of the indigenous peoples over the land they traditionally and ancestrally occupied. They must demarcate that land and guarantee the right to its collective ownership.

    Article 120: Exploitation by the state of natural resources will be subject to prior consultation with the native communities.

    Article 121: The indigenous peoples have the right to an education system of an intercultural and bilingual nature.

    Article 124: The registry of patents on native genetic resources or intellectual property related to their ancestral knowledge about biodiversity is prohibited.

    Article 125: Three native representatives will sit on the National Assembly and there will be representatives in the municipal and regional assemblies in regions with a native population.


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