Like their brothers-in-arms in Iraq, Taliban ‘militants’ recruit children to force them to go blow themselves up. A six year-old boy was able to escape, and told the US and Afghan troops about his gruesome experience.


  1. serendip says:

    off topic: Please read this despicable piece in

    The ball was not even in the court yet nor had the game even started and yet they expected him to somehow be jubilant. For Imam Khomeini it was never just about Iran and that is why he simply was and could not be excited. He had not even overthrown the Shah just yet, nor established an Islamic Republic, nor even awakened the Muslims all over the world in his attempts to export the revolution. In the words of Imam Khomeini, “the culmination of the Ummah will be with the liberation of Palestine.”

  2. freethoughts says:

    Well, not that off-topic..

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