Senate immigration bill suffers crushing defeat . Now I hope they will ease bureaucracy with respect to legal immigration, given that I’ll be a legal immigrant entering the US to work and live – legally.


  1. D. Ox says:

    Vigilance is required. The cabal has not given up!

  2. serendip says:

    When are you coming? Hope it’s soon.

  3. serendip says:

    Listen to Khomeini’s disgusting and illiterate talk and voice on you tube:

  4. no2liberals says:

    The people spoke, and fortunately enough Senators listened. The fact that they tried to force cloture, and end debate after only one day, is what killed it. The rush to force this monstrosity of a bill down our throats, without even knowing what was in it, was difficult to understand. If the proponents truly wanted to do something positive for the nation, concerning immigration, then they should have welcomed debate, and a complete review of the bill. Since they didn’t, the opposition to it grew out of distrust of what the government was trying to do.
    Power To The People!
    Now, if they really want to get serious, they should reform and streamline legal immigration, while stiffening penalties for employers of illegals, and increasing border security. The voices that were opposed to the amnesty bill, would support what I propose, completely.

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