Red Ken:”Islamists not a threat. Beware of infidels”

July 1, 2007

London’s naive mayor Red Ken Livingstone says nobody should really worry about the city’s Islamic community, because they’ve played an active and good role in Britain’s multicultural society are law-abiding citizens, not like those sneaky infidels who support violence and break law. You see, it’s since July 2005 that British Muslims show evidence of their positive role in the country’s multi-ethnic society. Why are you thinking different?  Sarcasm.


July 1, 2007

Ten years ago, Hong Kong was handed over to communist China. No popular referendum was held and apparently a significant majority there would be ready to rise up against any attempt at crusing dissent or basic freedoms. Hong Kong democrats worry judicial independence won’t last . Like every year, thousands marched demanding that democracy be preserved. Will it? Time will say, but I do not trust the Chinese communists, nor their lackeys in power in Hong Kong. 

“Universal Suffrage — Hong Kong Has Me”

RoP Strikes Again in UK. Blazing Car Crashes into Glasgow Airport

July 1, 2007

Meanwhile, terrorists succeeded in Glasgow Airport. A blazing car crashed into the airport. Little Green Footballs has information and updates., as well as links to other websites and reports. Consider this as an open thread.