It Was About Time

July 2, 2007

The Aussies wake up and name the names of Australia’s terror-enabling imams.

They include Sheik Bilal Dannoun, Melbourne-based Mohammed Omran and Harun Mehicivic; Sydney’s Abdul Salam Mohammed Zoud, Hatim Eissa, Khaled Eissa and Feiz Mohammed and Canberra’s Mohammed Swaiti

Scandinavia’s Delusional Madness

July 2, 2007

The Swedish government is going to pay jizya to the terror masters in the West Bank and Gaza. Officially, they claim the ‘aid money’ is supposed to help Palestinian public sector. In reality, not a cent of what was sent to the Palestinians so far has ever ended up in the pockets of the workers over there. They ended up in other pockets. And I don’t need to mention which ones. 

In the meantime, Denmark forgets Syrian involvement in Lebanon bomb attacks that killed several prominent Lebanese patriots and ignore that there’s plenty of evidence pointing to Assad’s role in the mayhem in Iraq. Danish FM: We can trust the Devil

Israel Finances Its own Suicide

July 2, 2007

Olmert’s peace-in-our-time moment. Israel transfers $118 m. to PA . Save Israel. Vote this guy out.

Magdi Allam: “La cittadinanza e l’intolleranza”

July 2, 2007

Magdi Allam: La cittadinanza e l’intolleranza

La concessione della cittadinanza italiana a Dounia Ettaib riassume oggi l’impegno etico del nostro Paese a schierarsi dalla parte di tutte le donne coraggiose che osano sfidare, pagando in prima persona, l’estremismo islamico che fonda il proprio potere sulla discriminazione e sulla violenza nei confronti dell’altro sesso.

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