The Fight Against Genital Mutilation Must Go On

A bit of good news from Norway, where authorities are taking action against female genital mutilation, a form of torture very common among the immigrants communities in Europe and tolerated for years in the name of multiculturalism. 250 mutilated women are being treated at an Oslo’s hospital. In Egypt, a 12-year old girl died after being butchered in this way. Hundreds of girls die because of this genital mutilation.

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4 Responses to The Fight Against Genital Mutilation Must Go On

  1. kclick says:

    Horrendous practice… ghastly.

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Really it appears to be insane and cruel to addict to the many ill-conceived practices like female genital mutilation in the name of ‘culture and religion’. Blind acceptance and continuation of such practices, which is harmful to body and mind should be prevented and rooted out. However, pragmatic scientific studies are to be done to know the pupose, if at all these practices serve any pupose, ill-effects or well-effects if any, so that we can pursue the cause of eradication of culture-supported practiceses of evils and cruelty in our society.

  3. Sofia says:

    hahaha so fun and creepy. isn`t the cyberspace the crazyest thing ever? hahaha greetings sofia

  4. freethoughts says:

    Sulochanosho, butchering a girl’s genital has no purpose. And it must be eradicated, no matter the purpose. Sometimes, I just imagine how if it was done to me, how painful it would be. Horrific. I praise those African female ministers who are on the forefront of the fight against this torture.

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