Canadian Woman on Socialized Medicine

A Canadian-born new American wrote a good piece on socialized medicine vs. American health service and rebukes Michael Mooron’s propaganda movie ‘Sicko’ for telling a totally-flawed story. More lies from Moore. Moore apologists are likely to ignore facts reported by eyewitnesses or people who sadly experienced ‘not-for-profit’ healthcare.

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One Response to Canadian Woman on Socialized Medicine

  1. no2liberals says:

    Good find, young lady.
    It’s interesting that Kaiser Permanente is mentioned by Mooron in his shockumentary, as it is Ms. Pipes piece.
    The same not-for-profit is mentioned in this piece, by an obvious far left journalist. Michael, keep away. The NHS is a rip-off.
    A quote:

    Forty-seven million Americans are uninsured. This is a problem. Several million more are inadequately insured. Another problem. But that leaves more than 200 million fully insured Americans who’ve never heard of waiting lists. I envy them.

    Let the fuming and screeching begin.

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