More Unconvenient Truths for Mooron

European healthcare is partly-free. There are actually many differences between it and the American health service. The first is disastrous, the latter is innovative and patient-friendly.In Europe, doctors consider you as a burden, one more responsibility for them. Many European doctors don’t take refresher courses. Many take many days off in summer, and patients have to temporarily deal with unexperienced doctors who limit their tasks to prescribe medicines. From my direct experience, doctors in public hospitals are rude. Being paid by the National Health Service, they don’t give a damn if you need them urgently. Medical counsel is disappearing. On the other side, the best treatment and attention is in the private sector. One of the biggest problems in socialized medicine in Europe are the waiting lists. It would take up to 8-10 months to see a specialist and get proper treatment. There’re about 1 million and a half Italians on waiting lists. I booked a visit to a specialist to check the health of my breast, because I am 25 years old and I’ve to begin being updated on my health. I was told that the visit will be in April next year! I have only to cross my fingers and hope that, during these months, nothing will happen. But there have been numerous cases of people who fell ill while on a waiting list, when they could have been diagnosed their disease in time. Waiting lists kill. American healthcare doesn’t. Will Moore make a documentary on the European waiting lists and tell the stories of dozens of patients who died or fell ill during that time? Don’t bet on it.

A Cuban exile on Cuban healthcare and cites an eyewitness: his cousin who’s a doctor in Cuba: Moore’s ‘Sicko’ gives all too pleasant view of Cuba’s health care

And those who decry America’s health care as stratified should save some outrage for Cuba – where tourists like Moore and Communist party officials get all kinds of care that’s out of reach for Cuba’s 11 million average citizens. The fact that the vast majority of them often have to bring their own food, soap and sheets to the hospital somehow didn’t make it into the final cut of “Sicko.”

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2 Responses to More Unconvenient Truths for Mooron

  1. Mike says:

    Uh huh…Sounds like you’re just some neocon living in one of those flyover states trying to make up something so people hate european healthcare. Too bad everyone on the coastal states have known about europes healthcare system for years, and have even experiences some of it. Waiting list my ass, i got in and out in under 30 minutes. My father had cancer in one of his vertebre. Within 3 months he was on the table, and the wait was just so they could pinpoint the whole problem and then how to solve it. Stop spreading lies just because you love bush.

  2. freethoughts says:

    I’m not at all ‘neocon’. Go tell “stop” to others. If you don’t like this blog, go elsewhere where your moronic friends tell what you want to hear.

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